Leaking Tap Repair

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Do you need a leaking tap repair?

leaking tap repairHaving a leaking tap can be one of the most irritating experiences. Trying to get to sleep while listening to that constant drip, drip, drip sound soon becomes a frustration that’s too hard to handle – don’t put up with no sleep because of your leaking tap, call in a tap plumber from Metropolitan Plumbing any time of the day or night, any day of the year. We have a team of plumbers available across all metropolitan areas of Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, including all public holidays, and can fix your leaking tap on the same day that you make your booking, or within the hour* in an emergency.

A leaking tap may not seem like such a big deal, but in actual fact it is a huge water waster and can dramatically impact upon the cost of your water bills – even more so if it is a hot tap that is constantly dripping. A leaking tap can potentially waste over 20,000 litres of water per year. With water restrictions constantly in place and household bills continually rising, don’t let your leaking tap contribute to the issues. Call in a professional tap plumber from Metropolitan Plumbing for a prompt and reliable tap repair or tapware replacement service with quality workmanship guaranteed.

What causes a leaking tap?

A worn out, or incorrectly installed, washer is the most common cause of a leaking or dripping tap. But other reasons may include a loose O-ring, worn seals, corrosion of the valve seat, loose parts or broken pipes, the age of your tapware or if your water pressure is too high.

When you contact Metropolitan Plumbing we will have a plumber to your door on the same day that you make your booking to inspect your leaking tap and correctly identify the cause. You can trust that a complete tap service will be provided, meaning that your plumber will install a new quality washer, replace and lubricate the O-rings and re-seat and re-grease the spindle threads to ensure that your taps are running perfectly once again. Many people can perform a DIY tap washer replacement, but doing so may only stop the problem for the short term and usually the drip, drip, dripping will be back again in no time, which is why we recommend a tap service to give you that extra peace of mind and provide a more long term solution. If your tapware is beyond repair (due to damage or extreme age) your attending plumbing will have a range of new and modern tapware for you to choose from which they will be able to install quickly and easily for you. A new tap installation can also provide a whole new look for your bathroom, kitchen or laundry.

Our tap plumbers carry a range of tap sets, including; basin or sink mixers, bath or shower mixers, pull out/pull down or swivel sink mixers, twinner basin mixers, cross basin or wall basin tap sets, basin/bath or shower tap sets through to freestanding bath fillers so you can trust that we will have the tapware that you want; but you are also more than welcome to purchase your new tapware from elsewhere and we will still be more than happy to install this for you.

If you require a leaking tap repair – don’t leave it until your water bill comes in and you see the increase your dripping tap has caused. Have your leaking tap repaired upon the first initial drip by a tap repair expert from Metropolitan Plumbing.

* Conditions apply