blocked stormwater drains

Sewer drain not draining properly? Stormwater drain overflowing? Then you need Metropolitan Plumbing! Blocked stormwater and sewer drains are generally the result of tree roots or dirt and other debris settling somewhere inside the pipeline. This is very common.

This doesn’t stop them being a serious problem, as any interruption to your sewerage or stormwater can result in flooding. Whats more, it can become a major health concern if left for too long. Our blocked drain professionals have everything they need to clear your blocked sewer or stormwater drain. We are also able to provide a quote should you need either the whole drain or a section replaced. For these reasons, Metropolitan Plumbing is your blocked drain professional.

With our fully stocked vans and fully qualified blocked drain experts, we’ve got the equipment and the knowledge to clear that blocked drain quickly and efficiently. Available 24/7, we also have the resources to have a plumber knocking on your front door within the hour* of your call.

What causes a blocked stormwater or sewer drain?

Usually connecting to the roof of a building via a downpipe along with a system of ground pipes, the stormwater drain removes unwanted water from your property. The sewer drain originates from the drains inside your home or business and drains all of your waste away and into the government sewerage system, again using underground pipes. If you’ve been able to smell sewerage when you’re outside or you’ve been having flooding in your garden, driveway or other outdoor areas, there’s a very high chance you’ve got a blocked stormwater drain or blocked sewer drain. This needs to be cleared straight away by an expert.

The stormwater and sewer drains generally become blocked by one or both of two things. These are:

Build-up of dirt and debris

Any drain is susceptible to blockages no matter how well it’s looked after, and stormwater and sewer drains are no exception. Outside, there are many materials such as dirt, leaves and garden waste. These can enter your stormwater or sewer drains and prevent the flow of stormwater or sewerage leaving your property. When this happens, it’s essential to contact the blocked drain experts at Metropolitan Plumbing. We can have somebody out to your property straight away to clear that blocked sewer or stormwater drain.

Invading tree roots

Often coming in through already present cracks, tree roots will quickly grow and intertwine with other leaves and debris in your pipes. This forms a mass large enough to block water flow on your stormwater and sewer drains. Those irritating tree roots are no match for us, though! Metropolitan Plumbing can send a blocked drains expert to your location within an hour*. We can be there in a plumbing emergency to clear your blocked stormwater or sewer drain that’s being cause by invading tree roots.

What do you use on a blocked stormwater or sewer drains?

We only use only the latest, most effective drain cleaning technology for your blocked stormwater and sewer drains. This most often means the hydro-jetter drain cleaning machine. With a hose and nozzle system shooting water at high pressure of 5000 psi through the blocked drain, the hydro-jet machine cuts through even the toughest tree roots and sludgy material.

Your attending professional knows to bring the hydro-jetter. But as these systems are trailer mounted and not carried to every job, we do ask that you tell the operator that the callout is for a blocked stormwater drain or blocked sewer drain. This saves you and us time, as our experts won’t need to organise and collect the hydro-jet after they’ve arrived. To discover the location and makeup of the blockage, there may also need to use a CCTV drain camera to inspect your drain. All of this helps us to clear your blocked stormwater drain or blocked sewer drain swiftly and easily, saving you time and money.

Call us anytime of the day or night for all of your blocked drain requirements – we have a plumber local to you who is available 24/7, including all weekends and public holidays.

* Conditions apply.

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