Electric drain machines are an effective and time saving option for clearing blockages in your drains. The electric eel, also known as the Plumbers Snake or Roto-Rooter, is usually used within the first instance to clear your blocked drain. These machines should be used by a professional since, if used incorrectly, the rotation process could cause damage or cracking to your pipes. Every one of our blocked drain plumbers has the expertise and experience to use them for clearing just about any blocked drain you may have.

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How does the electric drain machine work?

Electric eel drain machinesElectric eel drain machines have a cutting head attached to a flexible cable that is inserted into the blocked drain. Once in, the cutting head is fed through the drain where it slices through and shifts any blockages it comes up against. This forces out any accumulated matter in the process.

With a variety of versatile cutting and removing heads, all exchangeable with each other, the electric drain cleaner can slice through pretty much any tree root or solid material. For extremely stubborn blockages, a more heavy duty motorised version may be used, especially when large tree roots are the cause of the blocked drain. The electric eels do have a certain reach length. If your blockage is too far in, or extremely severe, a high powered hydro-jet will be used instead. 

The two types of electric drain machines include;

Marco Drain Cleaner

The Marco brand electric eel machine is a model manufactured in America that uses a flexible cable coiling around a drum. The Marco drain cleaner features a selection of cutting and removal heads. It can be used to reach and slice through a blockage up to 23 metres along a blocked drain.

Ridgid Drain Cleaner

Also from America, the Ridgid electric machine works a little differently to the Marco drain cleaner. Rather than using a single long cable, the Ridgid electric eel uses combinable rods to create the length necessary to remove a blockage. It is also generally lighter and easier to manoeuvre than the Marco unit.

Will the electric drain cleaner cut tree roots?

Both brands of electric drain cleaning machines will remove more than just tree roots. With the variety of cutting and removal heads, they’re able to cut through anything. Including sedimentation, hair, and pretty much any other obstruction or built-up matter that may be found in your pipe network.

However, our experts find the electric eel to be particularly effective at removing solid blockages, such as tree roots and hair build-ups. As such, the electric eel will typically be used for clearing those indoor blockages like blocked shower drains, toilet drains and bath drains. If you have one of these pesky blocked drains, contact us now. We’ll have one of our blocked drains experts around to clear and clean it with quality workmanship guaranteed.

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