Excavation of DrainageSometimes, depending on the scope and seriousness of a blocked drain, it may be necessary to excavate. This can be the best way to replace a section of the affected drain. This is generally the case with a severe invasion of tree roots. As well as any other issue that creates irreparable damage to your drain, such as the pipe age or collapsed drains. All of our experts will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools to accurately assess what needs to be done. They can then give you the best most cost effective results for your blocked drain. So, if you find yourself with one of these blocked outdoor drains, don’t hesitate. Call us today, or fill out our simple online plumber booking form.

Why would you need to excavate my blocked drain?

Excavation of DrainExcavation of drains is always used as a last resort. In the first instance your attending plumber will always try to repair your drain. If a pipe repair is not a viable option then a replacement will be required. Tree root infestations, compacting or shifting earth, can all lead to a crack, break, sagging or a complete collapse of a section of your outdoor drains. These are repairable through drain relining techniques, but doing so would only end up being very expensive. This is because you need to keep relining regularly, as these methods only give you short term results. At Metropolitan Plumbing, our experts only believe in giving their valued clients the best, most durable solutions to their problems.

In addition, your attending professional will recommend a section of the blocked drain be replaced if the blockage is unable to be cleared. This may be the case if a sludge build-up is too solid to shift, or if the drain frequently gets blocked from poor quality or incorrect installation. Every one of our experts have the expertise, experience and equipment to be able to excavate and replace any type of blocked drain. 

How will you do an excavation of a drainage system?

First, we’ll need to locate and clear as much of the blockage as we can. To do this, your attending expert will use the CCTV drain camera to see exactly what’s causing the issue. From here, depending on what is found, they will use either the hydro-jetter drain cleaning machine or the electric eel drain cleaning machine. This is an attempt to clear the blockage. We will always use the Hydro- Jetter for blocked stormwater drains.

If your attending plumber is unable to clear the blocked drain and he will advise that a section of the drain will need to be replaced. They’ll then provide you with a no obligation quote for the replacement (this quote won’t include replacement of landscaping, fences, paths, etc.). The replacement section of drain can be organised on the same day if you accept the quoted price. If it’s a large area to be excavated, we might use a 4 ton excavator, but we do have access to smaller units, down to 1.5 tonnes, for any situation. Every one of experts is trained and experienced in carrying out excavations and replacements of blocked drains.

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