Emergencies happen, and a Hydrojet drain cleaning machine might just be the answer to your problem. Drains get blocked, overflow, and cause all kinds of trouble, especially as they usually become blocked at the worst times. Because of this, Metropolitan Plumbing offer an expert blocked drains service 24/7, servicing all metropolitan Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney or Brisbane. We understand that a blocked toilet drain, shower drain or sewer drain simply can’t wait. So, we can have a fully qualified, licensed blocked drains expert at your home or business within an hour* in a plumbing emergency. If you have a blocked drain, call us now on 1300 367 333, or fill out our quick online plumber booking form.

Plumbing isn’t what it used to be, and we should all be thankful for that. Slow, hard and ineffective tools like hand rods and cutters aren’t common these days. Instead, our blocked drain professionals here at Metropolitan Plumbing have the latest blocked drains clearing equipment. This includes high powered hydro-jet machines. The hydro-jetter drain cleaning machine not only makes our job quick and easy, but also gives you the results you want without taking forever. No job is too difficult, too small or too big for our highly trained, experienced blocked drain professionals. All of whom have training and experience in effective use of the hydro-jet to clear the most stubborn blocked drains.

How does a hydro-jet cleaner work?

Inserting a flexible cable into the problematic pipeline, water pressurised to 5000 psi is shot through a nozzle attachment. The cable, either coming from a unit built into one of our vans or one mounted onto a trailer, can reach a blockage up to a hundred metres down. Greasy accumulations are completely removed by the hydro-jetter with no fuss tree roots are easily sliced through and the drain scoured clean.

Since 5000 psi is a lot of pressure, the hydro-jet drain cleaning machine can be dangerous if used incorrectly. They need to be operated by a fully qualified professional. Your attending expert from Metropolitan Plumbing will be able to make sure you get the very best results from this process with quality and satisfaction guaranteed.

When would hydro-jet drain cleaning be required?

Being able to clear sludgy build-ups can be quite difficult for other types of blocked drain cleaning machines. The hydro-jetter handles these types of blockages easily and effectively, as well as removing tree roots and some other solid materials. As such, our experts will generally use the hydro-jet drain cleaning machine for clearing those more stubborn or hard to reach blocked drains. These are common occurrences of blocked stormwater drains or blocked sewer drains as these drains usually have the most issues in regards to tree root infiltrations. Every one of our blocked drain experts here at Metropolitan Plumbing has been extensively trained and experienced in using the hydro-jetter drain cleaners. 

Sinks and other drains in many businesses can often become blocked with those troublesome oil and grease build-ups. The hydro-jet machine would be the best solution for clearing these blocked drains. Of course, it’s always better to prevent a major problem than to fix one. We recommend having one of our Metropolitan Plumbing professionals around to hydro-jet your drains on your commercial property periodically. This scheduled clean will help your business avoid any nasty overflows and messes. This can be organised over the phone with one of our friendly call centre staff.

If you experience a blocked stormwater drain or sewer drain on your property phone us today. We’ll take care of it with the use of our hydro-jet drain cleaner 24/7, within the hour* in an emergency.

* Conditions apply.

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