CCTV drain cameras let us see inside your blocked drains

As your local professional at dealing with blocked drains, Metropolitan Plumbing is able to have a fully qualified, experienced plumber to your door 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – including all weekends and public holidays. Additionally, with our large staff and van fleets, we’re quite often able to attend to your blocked drain emergency within an hour* of you placing a call, or using our easy online plumber booking form. There’s simply no reason to contact anybody else!

Our Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) drain camera technology is essential if you find yourself with a blocked sewer drain or blocked stormwater drain, especially if it comes back again and again. There may be more than one blockage, the blockage may be further along than originally thought, or the pipes may be damaged or collapsed, making all attempts so far to clear it unsuccessful. By using the latest CCTV drain camera inspection technology, your attending Metropolitan Plumbing blocked drains expert can find what’s creating that annoying blockage far easier than by other means. By removing the guess work from our job, you get better, longer-lasting results.

What will you find with the CCTV Drain Camera?

Every one of our fully qualified, licensed blocked drain professionals here at Metropolitan Plumbing has undergone the most extensive training possible in every aspect of blocked drains clearing, including the accurate use of CCTV cameras. When you have a particularly stubborn blocked drain that won’t go away, and your attending blocked drains expert believes there’s something else going on inside that blocked stormwater drain or blocked sewer drain, they’ll be able to quickly, efficiently and precisely locate the problem to ensure the correct repair is actioned.

The most common problems we find are:

  • The drain has broken;
  • Roots have grown into the drain and formed a large fibrous mass;
  • Misaligned drains;
  • Collapsed drains;
  • Drains with back fall and pipe work that has dropped;
  • Crushed pipe work;
  • Foreign objects in the drain.

If the camera shows one of the above problems we will be able to give you a price to repair or replace the damage area of drain.
Our CCTV video inspection equipment can provide a visual image of the condition of underground pipe work (diameter 50-300mm). In simplistic terms it is a video camera that can be ‘fed’ into existing pipe work, allowing the plumber to inspect and identify areas of interest or concern.

This is used as an efficient, cost effective way of identifying and/or locating any problems with pipes that cannot be readily exposed or assessed.
The advantage of utilising this technology is that timely, accurate information can be provided to the customer and, if necessary, specific problem areas can be identified for repair or replacement.

We find a stubborn blockage to usually be caused by any of four things. These are:

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Pipes broken or cracked

Compacted earth around a drain, as well as some other environmental factors, can often lead to a drain cracking or breaking. A cracked drain is very common in which solid materials, such as tree roots, leaves, dirt and other debris, enter a pipeline, which eventually results in a very difficult blockage to move. With a CCTV drain camera, your attending blocked drains expert can pinpoint the exact location of the crack and assess its seriousness.

Pipes collapsed

Incorrect pipe installation, dated material or simply age can all lead to a drain completely collapsing into itself. This, again, can lead to dirt and other garden waste blockages, and is extremely difficult to find and assess without the help of a CCTV camera inspection. By locating it quickly and easily, your attending blocked drains expert will be able to focus on getting the affected section of drain excavated and replaced, ensuring you get the very best results.

Pipes invaded by tree roots

Tree root invasion is one of the most common causes of blocked drains. A trees roots can easily infiltrate the pipework usually through any already present cracks and breakages. A pipe simply being too thin or weak can also be susceptible to tree root invasion. The CCTV drain camera inspection will allow your attending Metropolitan Plumbing blocked drains professional to find, identify and assess the situation with the utmost precision, to determine the correct steps to take in rectifying your blocked drain as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Pipes sagged or bellied

A sagged pipe generally originates from the earth eroding and falling away from the bottom edge of a drain, which lets the drain sag away and form a bowl. This allows debris to settle in the slump, eventually building up enough solid material and sedimentation to create a full blockage. By using the CCTV camera, your attending blocked drains expert will be able to locate exactly where your drain is sagging, and then judge whether or not the drain need can be repaired or if the section needs to be replaced.

Do I need a CCTV inspection?

All of these blocked drains issues can lead to further problems, such as rising damp or flooding in your outdoor areas and underneath your house. Additionally, they’re all extremely difficult and costly to locate without the aid of a CCTV drain camera inspection, since the next easiest way is for your attending blocked drains expert to excavate the entire the length of the affected drain and check every centimetre manually. This costs lots of money, lots of time and is a lot of trouble, especially when all of our blocked drain professionals have easy access to a CCTV drain camera.

It doesn’t take long for an invading tree root or a sagging pipe to become a serious problem, upon first signs of a blocked drain such as;

  • Strong odours emitting from your drains;
  • A drop in water pressure;
  • Overflowing drains;
  • Gurgling noises in your pipes;
  • Slow to no drainage in your sinks, showers, or tubs;
  • Your toilet water level is too high to too low (or your toilet overflows);
  • Pooling water on your property;
  • Cracked or shifted pavers or bricks.

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