Bosch Water Wizard 10P

When choosing the right hot water system for your home, it’s important that you are aware of all of the features and specifications that it provides and will best benefit your home hot water usage.

The Bosch water wizard 10P is a small compact design that can easily be installed hidden out of the way to the outside of the home with no hassle at all. The unit itself is best suited for a small 1 bathroom home and has a 5 star energy efficient rating.

The Bosch Water Wizard 10P is a very economical and affordable Hot Water system that delivers a continuous flow of hot water 10 litres per minute at a 25 degree Celsius temperature rise without the need for a power point.

The Bosch Water Wizard also has the advantage of being available to run on either natural or LPG gas supply, which gives the customer even more options to choose from to suit their needs.

The Bosch water Wizard 10P can only be installed on an external wall within close proximity to the most frequently used hot water tap. The unit should be fitted not more than 1.3 metres and not less than 0.5 metres from the ground and have easy access for the heater to be able to be serviced when needed.

Other features of the Bosch 10P Water Wizard is firstly the water filter that is installed in the inlet of the brass water valve prevents sludge or foreign materials that may be present in the water from entering through the water heaters water supply line.


Height: 845mm

Width: 405mm

Depth: 265mm

Weight: 21kg

Minimum inlet pressure: 30 Kpa

Maximum inlet pressure: 1200 Kpa


Secondly, the Bosch 10P unit has a water temperature adjustment knob that can easily be adjusted to either increase or decrease the water temperature delivered as desired by the user. Both the Gas inlet pressure and the Gas burner pressure can also be adjusted accordingly by a suitably qualified professional.

The Bosch Water Wizard 10P is constructed from high quality components and materials that are made and certified for Compliance with relevant parts of Australian and New Zealand Gas, Electrical and water standards and regulations.

The Bosch 10P Water wizard is constructed from 100% recycled materials making it an ideal choice for environmentally friendly buyers and has user friendly controls to make it easier for the owner to operate and troubleshoot with minimal hassles. These pilot light Bosch models are the perfect solution for the budget conscious consumer without having to compromise the product performance or quality. Also a standing pilot light is maintained throughout the life of the appliance itself. It is easy and safe to operate without the need for matches or lighters to ignite the hot water system.

The Bosch 10P hot water system includes a warranty coverage of 10 years on the unit’s heat exchanger and 2 years coverage on the parts and labor of the unit itself. The Bosch company also recommend that the hot water system be inspected and maintained by a qualified professional periodically, depending upon the systems frequency and duration of operation, but it should at least be serviced once a year to ensure the hot water systems full term of use is maintained for as long as possible.

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