ChromagenWhen most people hear the brand name Chromagen they automatically associate it with solar hot water systems. Luckily, here at Metropolitan Plumbing we can advise you on the wide range of products manufactured by the Chromagen brand. AS qualified and specialist plumbers, we take pride in knowing all the latest products on the market particularly when it comes to hot water systems. We know that comfort at a reasonable price is our customer’s number one priority and our number one priority is our customers.


Chromagen manufactures a wide range of products all of which we stock. Not only that, our plumbers provide great advice on the most suitable product for each customer and provide ongoing services for the lifespan of those products. Amongst the different types of hot water systems stocked by Chromagen include gas hot water systems including instantaneous, heat pump water heating and the all famous solar hot water systems of course.

Doing research on picking out a hot water system for one’s household can be an arduous task which many people give up on after a while. Why not have an expert do the work for you? The plumbers at Metropolitan Plumbing are all fully qualified and hand-picked for their excellent performance. Once they have joined the team, the plumbers are then given further training to ensure that they are truly experts in the areas that matter namely emergency and maintenance plumbing.

Metropolitan CHROMAGENThe plumbers’ qualifications is not in plumbing alone but encompasses all aspects including gas works and also a restricted B electrical license to enable them to work on power points that often go with every hot water system. This is of great benefit to the customers because it means that in one visit, our plumbers are able to complete the job in full without waiting for several different tradesmen to play tag team for a week as is the usual case with most jobs.

By calling Metropolitan Plumbing on 1300 367 333, our customers are guaranteed a plumber on the same day if not within the hour to attend at their property. They are also assured that they are going to be receiving the best service and know that the plumbers will give them sound advice on the best choice for hot water systems. The advice provided by our plumbers are also always impartial as we refuse to work on a commission basis. Rather, we have become Chromagen’s best customer and so we receive the best price allowing this benefit to filter down to our customers.

As previously mentioned, Chromagen’s most popular type of hot water system is their solar hot water system range. They 2 main type of systems in this range are the ground mounted system and the roof mounted system. Both these systems work slightly different but the principle is that water is heated by panels on the room which is then collected in a tank and run into the house. The main difference in choice is usually based on the house structure, amount of space available and of course aesthetics.

It is really important not to only obtain advice from a qualified plumber when choosing the right hot water system for your household, It is also important that the plumber has local knowledge of the area to be able to best assist you in choosing the right option for you. This is particularly true when picking out solar panels for a new solar hot water system. Many people have wasted a lot of money, energy and water by installing solar panels not suitable to their particular climate. For example, an area that is prone to frost will require frost resistant panels.

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Luckily, at Metropolitan Plumbing, all our plumbers are local to the area. Hence, they have intimate knowledge of the weather as well as little idiosyncrasies of the area such as slight differences in water pressure and they type of pipework which may be unique to certain areas. Having extensive experience also means that they will be able to help our customers out in the quickest possible time and with the most accurate information.

Further to that, our plumbers are employees of the company which means that our customers are assured that they will not only receive consistent service every time, all the work is also fully warrantied. While it is highly unusual that any of our plumbers have to re-attend at a job, it is assuring to our customers that they are able to have that option available in the unlikely event that something should go wrong. By having a qualified plumber install a hot water system or service it also means that the customer’s manufacturer warranty on the hot water system will not be voided.

Here at Metropolitan Plumbing, our customers are our number one priority. As such, we have made it absolutely easy and hassle free for our customer to have a job completed. As previously mentioned, we generally have a plumber at a property on the same day as the call is made. They arrive at a property in a fully equipped van and a smart uniform so that our customers know that we are a professional company working on in a timely manner. They arrive at each job with the intention of fixing the job up straight away.

When picking out a hot water system, the plumber takes into account all dimensions of the situation from household size, likelihood of household growth for the lifespan of the hot water system, types of pipework, number of bathrooms and several other aspects not usually at the forefront of someone’s mind when making a decisions on something like installing a hot water system. We do all this to ensure that our customers not only get the best price from using our service but also to ensure that they are able to reap the best benefit from the newly acquired appliance and save them money in the long run.

Since, we loathe to think that anyone should go without hot water for any more than a few hours, we always set to work on installing a new system on the same day. Acquiring a new unit is never a problem as we have access to warehouses all over each state and work closely with our suppliers. We have also made payment methods hassle-free. There are the usual options of paying the full amount of a job via cash, cheque or credit card to our customers. However, we understand that the cost of a new hot water system can be quite steep and not everyone has that sort of money at a snap of their fingers.

We work closely with Certegy to provide payment options for our qualified customers. This is a 0% interest payment plan. To make it even easier, each of our plumbers have all the paperwork handy in their vans and can have the papers filled out for the customer in no time. They are also there to answer all the customers questions and provide the best advice in regards to care and maintenance of their brand new hot water system. Therefore, never hesitate to ask our plumbers any questions that may be bothering you.