Chromagen Smartline Solar Gas Boosted

In Australia, Chromagen manufactures and distributes energy efficient solar Hot Water systems like the Smart line Gas boosted Hot Water System, with the aim of reducing energy consumption, minimising carbon footprints on the environment and of course, slashing the price of your power bills. Chromagen is one of the oldest brands in the global industry and is well known worldwide for producing quality Solar Hot Water Systems of outstanding performance and exceptional value.

The Chromagen Smart line Solar gas boosted Hot Water Heater is a hybrid unit with a split configuration of a ground mounted tank and roof mounted collectors. This clever design also incorporates an integrated Eternity Gas Water Heater with Booster to provide a compact footprint, easy installation process and an aesthetically pleasing design to conform to the buyers home.

Chromagen’s Solar Smart line not only provides never ending steaming hot water 24/7. Its intelligent design maximises solar savings by storing the solar heated water in the insulated 200L solar storage tank. This pre heated water is then passed directly through the 6 star energy rated Eternity series continuous flow gas water heater, which also senses the incoming water temperature and adjusts the amount of gas used depending on how hot the incoming water is. The hotter the solar heated water is the less gas you use, thus ensuring you have never ending hot water 24/7, at a cost that can be up to 80% lower than your current water heating bills. Another advantage of this hot water system is that there is no chance of any water wastage from overheating because the solar controller automatically stops the water circulating once the storage tank is full of hot water. It also has inbuilt frost protection for marginal frost areas.


Chromagen Smartline Solar Gas Boosted Hot Water System

Tank Capacity (L) 200* 300 400
Height (mm) 1270 1420 1765
Diameter (mm) 585 690 650
Flat Plate Collectors Number 1** 2 2 3 2 3
Nominal Dimensions (mm) 1310 W x 2180 L 2690 W x 2180 L 2290 W x 2190 L 3366 W x 2190 L 2290 W x 2190 L 3366 W x 2190 L
Evacuated Tube Collectors Number 20 Tubes 30 Tubes 40 Tubes
Nominal Dimensions (mm) 1640 W x 2025 L 2420 W x 2025 L 3360 W x 2025 L
Boost Options Electric
Eternity Gas
Closed loop
Other benefits of the Solar Smart line gas boosted hot water system is its ability to convert the Sun’s abundant power into clean and free electricity. To reduce your power consumption and carbon footprint, whilst also reducing the cost of the electricity bills. It minimises the impact of rising electricity costs and increases the value and resale of your home too. Its silent operation with no moving parts is very low maintenance and easy to maintain, with the guaranteed satisfaction from being able to help improve the effects on the environment and also allows the customer eligible for Government Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs).

The above specifications also include other details for larger Chromagen Smart line gas boosted hot water systems for reference in case the customer would like to consider the differences before choosing the right Solar Hot Water system for their home.

The Chromagen Smart line Solar Boosted Hot water system comes inclusive with a 5 year warranty on the roof mounted solar collectors which are ideal for both cold and hard water conditions and climates. Their ultrasonically welded tubes provides effective and efficient thermal absorption, with a stronger bond also.

The advanced ground mounted water storage units are glass lined to provide superior corrosion resistance in even the harshest weather. This high density pressure injected PU foam for optimum insulation and heat retention with 3mm thick steel tank comes with a 5 year warranty on this section of the system.

The Eternity Continuous flow gas water heater comes with a 10 year warranty on the heat exchanger and 3 years warranty on all parts and labour should anything go wrong. However, due to this 6 star rated advanced Japanese deign with frost protection, the likelihood of that happening is minimal.

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