Chromagen Heat Pump

Chromogen is an Australian based company that was founded in 1962 and today they are sold in over 25 countries. It is a company with the mission to provide all Australians with a sustainable environmentally friendly solutions. The Chromogen heat pump is a hot water systems are an energy efficient hot water system that reduces the energy consumptions and the cost of living. They can come in two different capacities the HP170 and the Hp280, the Hp280 as it’s a larger model that can provide 24/7 hot water for a household with up to 4 residents or up to 6 in the warmer climates. Both models operate in a climate as low as -5 degrees and up to 45 degrees.

The heat pump utilises the technology to efficiently transferring the thermal energy directly from the surrounding air and into water. It does this process so it does not rely on direct sunlight or fossil fuels to provide a constant energy source. They are ideal for the replacement of an old electric water heaters, where the residential gas reticulation is not available and when the roof-mounted solar collectors are not feasible.

It is important to taken into consideration if they are the most suitable hot water service for your environment such as the heat pump performance is dependent on the ambient temperate of your house, in particular Queensland will provide a faster heat up tomes and recovery rate to Tasmania.

Chromogen Heat Pump
Chromogen Heat Pump

Model Types

Chromogen HP170

  • Heat up time is 5 hours, 43 minutes
  • Recovery Rate 30 litres per hour
  • Capacity 170 litres

Chromogen HP280

  • 5 hours, 13 minutes
  • Recovery rate 54 litres per hour

Capacity 280 litres


Height 1580mm

Diameter of base 552mm

Diameter of top 568

Relief Valve pressure 1000kpa

Hot water heating capacity 1500

Its special features include

The Chromogen heat pump has a modern and stylish appearance that easily suits a current contemporary home design. The cylinder has a once piece streamlined shape that has a mounted compressor. The tank is also wrapped with a condenser coil that prevents the water from contamination. It also had a built-in frost protection mode that protects the condenser from icing, this include a 25 P/A air outlet pressure that enables the ducted flueing up to 5 metres in length. It has a new tech power outage memory as well as an outdoor LCD screen/cover and an auto-disinfection function that is able to prevent any growth of bacteria.

How the system work is that a fan draws in air containing heat energy across the evaporator, the evaporator then turns the liquid refrigerant into a gas. The compressor pressurises the refrigerant into the hot gas where the compressor heats the coil inside that heats the water. It is then when the refrigerant reverts back to a liquid after heating and the water continues to evaporate and the process starts again.


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