The Dux brand is certainly not an unknown brand when it comes to hot water systems. We have had many an occasion where a customer has called up asking for the Dux brand specifically. We are always happy to oblige and while not the Dux brand’s agents per se , we, here at Metropolitan Plumbing work closely with all our suppliers and providers to ensure a good relationship and assure the best prices for our customers at the end of the day. The reason we are able to do so is because we are one of Dux’s best customer and so can negotiate a good price for our customers.


Dux has one of the widest ranges when it comes to hot water systems of all the manufacturers. They have everything from electrical to gas to solar hot water systems and many varieties on those types. The brand makes all their hot water systems in variable sizes with variable output as well as the option of storage or instantaneous for each type of system. For example, the continuous flow range is divided into the regular continuous flow and next generation continuous flow ranges. The next generation continuous flow range is one where they use a new technology which recycles the water in the system by condensation maximizing on energy input.

The Continuous Flow range from Dux also includes bot gas and electrical systems. Then there are all the sizes a household can choose from to best suit their needs. This is where Metropolitan Plumbing steps in to assist with making a choice. With such a wide range to choose from and not the only brand available it can be a daunting task for someone unqualified. It is also always a great idea to have an outsider to make an absolutely objective choice on something that will affect the household for many years in the future.

It is so easy to book in to have one of our plumbers attend on a consult. The number to call is 1300 367 333. On the other end of the line, one of our call staff members will be able to aid in booking in a job at your nearest convenience. We are generally able to book in a job on the same day and usually within the same hour especially if it is a long standing customer of ours. In fact, many of our customers are usually long standing or have been recommended by a previous customer due to the excellent service which we provide.

One of the main reasons besides always putting our customers first is that all our plumbers are hand-picked from the best plumbers in their local area. They are invited to join the company based on their past reputation and qualifications. All the plumbers joining the team are already fully qualified and licensed in gas and plumbing services. Upon joining our team, the plumbers go straight into a rigorous training course so that they not only provide top-notch customer services, they are also truly specialist in the most important areas which are emergency and maintenance plumbing. These are the types of jobs we see most often which means that our plumbers only get better at these jobs as times goes by.

The plumbers are also encouraged to do continual learning in their own time with the company covering course expenses. The plumbers also have their own online forum where they are able to discuss the latest news in plumbing or provide support to each other on the more difficult cases. This trickles down to the customers as it means that the plumbers providing the services are always knowledgeable and highly professional. Our long standing customers also have their own favourite plumbers and often request them when booking in a job.

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Further to that, our plumbers provide impartial advice on replacement of appliances particularly hot water systems. Being such a pricey item, brands often have their own plumbers to carry out jobs for them on a commission. Our plumbers however, are not paid on commission and so can provide the best option to best suit the needs and finances of our customers. As previously mentioned, we are good customers of many manufacturers and have a wide customer base and so are able to negotiate prices for our customers as an added bonus.

When a plumber attends at a job, he does so with the intention of fixing the job up for a customer straight away. To facilitate this intent, all our plumbers attend jobs in fully equipped vans. They are also dressed smartly in their plumber uniform to exude a level of professionalism to our customers. They are always courteous and take each job seriously. Furthermore, each van is GPS tracked and so it takes the guess work out of estimated times of arrivals and pricing. Never had a tradesman turn up on time? Metropolitan Plumbing prides on being timely and not wasting our customer’s precious time.

The plumbers are usually there on the same day if not within the house of a call being made to our office. We understand that a day without hot water is difficult enough not to mention a few days to weeks which most plumbers seem to think is alright to wait for a new hot water system. We also make sure that we have access to enough products so that we can install a new hot water system for a customer at the drop of a pin.

We have also made purchasing and installing a new hot water system as easy as possible for our customers. Simply not having any hot water is a stressful enough situation, but to then have to research, make a choice, research again on where to obtain the choice, find a plumber to install the system, find an electrician to install the power point and all the little bits and pieces that go with such a job is enough to dive anyone up the wall. Why not let the experts handle all that?

We have ensure that everything from the initial phone call right through to job payment is as hassle-free as possible. There is the usual option of paying in full via cash, cheque or credit card as soon as the job is complete, or you can speak to our plumbers about payment plan options. Metropolitan Plumbing works closely with Certegy to provide good options for our qualified plumbers. They can establish payment plans at 0% interest meaning less out of pocket cost for our customers and they are able to choose options on hot water systems that will be more economical in the long run rather than a cheap hot water system that is likely to be costly to run as well as more likely to break down often in the long run.

For your next hot water system issue why not call up Metropolitan Plumbing and ask for the Dux range? You will be assured the best quality products and the highest service as well as great warranty on all products provided.