Dux Hot Water

The Dux hot water system is one of the best known brands on the market. We have had many occasions where a customer has called up asking for the Dux brand specifically and we are always happy to oblige. While we may not be the Dux brand agents, we work closely with all our suppliers and providers to ensure a good relationship. We do this to assure we can negotiate the best prices for our customers at the end of the day. 

Of all manufacturers, Dux has one of the widest ranges when it comes to hot water systems. They have everything from electrical to gas to solar hot water systems and many varieties on those types. The brand makes all their hot water systems in variable sizes with variable output as well as the option of storage or instantaneous for each type of system. For example, the continuous flow range is divided into the regular continuous flow and next generation continuous flow ranges. The next generation continuous flow range uses a new technology which recycles the water in the system by condensation, maximizing on energy input. The Continuous Flow range from Dux also includes both gas and electrical systems. 


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With many factors to consider when purchasing a hot water system, Metropolitan Plumbing can step in to assist with making the correct choice. It is so easy to book in to have one of our plumbers attend on a consult. Just call 1300 367 333 or fill out an online booking form. We are generally able to book in a job on the same day and usually within the same hour. Our plumbers are fully qualified and can provide you with a reliable opinion for a system best suitable for you are your household needs.  We know it may be a big financial pressure investing in a new hot water system, which is why we have Interest free payment plans for those who qualify. Just ask our friendly staff members when making your booking. 

For your next hot water system issue, why not call up Metropolitan Plumbing and ask for the Dux range? You will be assured the best quality products and the highest service as well as great warranty on all products provided.

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