Dux Proflo 135L Natural Gas

Dux natural gas heater are a great choice of heater if you dependants such as children and young adults rely on. It is economical, efficient and has a Duro-enamel lining for corrosions protection. Design is to perform well year after year. For the best quality of the unit its best to have the unit itself located as close as possible to the most frequently used hot water outlet. Space for the unit itself is required as all models are equipped with a sacrificial anode that is accessible via the top cover. Its greatest features are, it’s backed by a 7 year tank warranty. Inducing 1 year on parts and labour, it has a 3 star efficiency that allows full flow pressure to all taps. It is easy to install with adjustable thermostat for safety and performance control, allowing it to have heat at a rapid pace and full control of the operating costs.

The Dux brand is part of an Australian company that’s also manufactured in Australia.

Before you make the decision on which type of dux is best suitable for your situation its recommended to ask yourself questions such as How much hot water you use daily, whether the size of your hot water system is sufficient for your household, how much space you have for the unit to be fitted, Does your home have access to natural gas ology to heat your water, how environmental conscious you’d like to be, your budget, whether the system will be located internally or externally, if electing the solar specific.

Dux Proflo 135L natural gas- Model 135 FNG
According to research from customers reviews the most common problems that occur with hot water systems would be it has stopped heating, leaking and water temperature will drop and be inconsistent.

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