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Our Plumbing Services

Emergency Plumber

At Metropolitan Plumbing, we have you covered in relation to any plumbing or gas fitting situation. Our professional and licensed plumbers are highly trained and fully qualified. With the skills, experience, tools and parts to be able to take on any possible plumbing or gas fitting emergency 24/7.

No job is too big or small for our emergency plumber.

From the replacement of a tap washer, clearing of a blocked drain, through to the complete excavation and repair of a sewer drain.We have the right solutions for your plumbing woes, focusing on providing exceptional customer service and long term plumbing resolutions. We have an emergency plumber on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year.

Who is local to your area, across all metropolitan regions of Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane. At Metropolitan Plumbing we treat a plumbing emergency the way it should be treated – as an emergency. And will aim to have an expert master plumber to your home or business within 60 minutes* of your phone call or by filling out our simple Online Booking form.

We can have an Emergency Plumber to you within an hour*

No matter the time of day or night or your gas fitting or plumbing requirement. Metropolitan Plumbing is your first port of call and we’re available every day of the year, including all public holidays. We have a national fleet of experienced plumbers ready and waiting to tackle even the toughest challenge. We come to you in a fully stocked van meaning minimal downtime in regards to needing to source parts. When you need an emergency plumber you’ll get the best, most cost effective and efficient solutions. The solutions you want and deserve  from Metropolitan Plumbing.

The Right Plumbing & Gas Fitting Solutions

At Metropolitan Plumbing we ensure that every licensed plumber we employ is trained extensively in every imaginable aspect of the trade.

And everything else in between. Metropolitan Plumbing will have the right plumber for your plumbing or gas fitting requirement providing you with the right solution first time, every time. Listed below are some brief details of the most common areas we cover:

Gas Fitting Maintenance and Installation

Every plumber from Metropolitan Plumbing is also a fully qualified and licensed gas fitter. Who can do everything from

When it comes to gas – you should always enlist the services of a licensed professional. Not doing so, in many cases, is illegal and could void any warranties on the said appliance or void any future insurance claims. If you suspect a gas leak then contact Metropolitan Plumbing as soon as possible. We are the experts in gas leak detection and repair services. Gas is an extremely hazardous substance and can lead to health problems or even explosions if not attended to upon first suspicions.

Gas Leaks

Any gas leak needs to be repaired promptly and proficiently by a licensed specialist. Our gas fitter will test your entire gas network to figure out precisely where the gas leak is, then repair or replace the gas piping or gas appliances, depending on what’s required. At Metropolitan Plumbing safety is our number one priority. All work is double checked to ensure the leak has been rectified and the property is safe to re-enter before we leave your location. Apart from gas leak detection and repairs the experienced gas fitters from Metropolitan Plumbing can also provide

  • Gas appliance installation, relocation, servicing or repairs
  • Bayonet fittings
  • Gas pipeline installations or extensions

We have extensive experience covering all varieties and brands of gas cooking appliances, gas heating appliances, and gas hot water heaters.

Hot Water System Service, Repairs and Replacement

A leaking hot water system, or no hot water at all can be frustrating. And for the many of us this would constitute a plumbing emergency. Metropolitan Plumbing have been working with hot water systems for over 25 years, so we know what we’re doing. We can:

We’ll have a fully qualified, licensed hot water plumber out to your location as quickly as possible to repair or replace your failed hot water heater. We work with all types of systems including:

Any brand, any model, any problem – our hot water plumbers have the skills and experience to get your hot water going today.

Common problems we can fix

  • hot water has turned cold
  • is not as hot as it usually
  • hot water tank has sprung a leak or has burst
  • gas pilot light keeps extinguishing
  • water pressure has dropped
  • water is discoloured
  • you’d just like to upgrade
  • newly install a hot water heater

Hot Water Brands We Work With

We also work with all major makes and models of hot water systems including

We can be at your door within an hour* of your call for a plumbing emergency. We offer no interest EVER payment plans* if required. Should a new hot water heater installation be required? Our plumber can assist with the somewhat overwhelming choices when it comes to a new system. You need to ensure that the hot water heater that you choose for your property can adequately meet your hot water heating demands while considering all fuel options available to you. Efficiency is the key when it comes to a hot water heater. Choosing a system based solely on price could end up costing you much more in the long run as it may not be able to keep up with your hot water usage.

Pipe Work Repair and Replacement

Pipe work problems can be rectified quickly and efficiently by an expert plumber from Metropolitan Plumbing. With all required tools, parts and technology at our fingertips. Along with a large range of spare parts and piping materials. An extensively trained and licensed plumber from Metropolitan Plumbing can undertake any repair or replacement of a leaking pipe. Or provide you with new pipe installations; whether it be for

A leaking pipe can be very irritating. Not to mention costly, as you’ll not only be paying for excess water usage but you may even end up having to fork out money in regards to water damage…

  • To walls
  • Windows or
  • Foundations

No matter if your pipes are galvanised, copper, PEX or any other material. Our expert plumber will be able to repair or replace the leaking section with no trouble at all. Because your piping is such a vital part of your property. Transporting water, sewerage and gas either into or out of you building. You should call Metropolitan Plumbing as soon as a plumbing problem presents itself. We’ll have a local plumber to your location to provide a prompt and effective pipe repair or replacement service. Saving you from having to pay more money in the long run due to any structural damage caused from leaving the issue for too long.

Dishwasher Installation

Installing a dishwasher can be a cumbersome and somewhat tricky affair. It should be completed by a professional plumber who knows exactly what to do. There are far too many fittings, connections and parts that go into a perfectly functioning dishwasher. To have it done by an amateur, and these appliances cost too much money to risk making a mistake.

A Metropolitan plumber has experience with every make and model of dishwasher. So all you need to do is contact us today. We’ll have an expert plumber out to your home or business to install your dishwasher quick smart.

Tapware Replacement and Repairs

No job is too small or large for our plumbing professionals. If you’ve got a leaking tap, we’ll be able to get a fully qualified, licensed plumber around to have a look at it. Many people will simply replace the tap washer and say it’s fixed. But more often than not your tap will be leaking again in no time.

At Metropolitan Plumbing, we know that a worn washer is often just the surface of the problem. So our plumber will complete a full tap service, making sure that every part is in good condition and replacing any that aren’t. If a tap is beyond repair, our plumber can provide you with a new tap replacement. We stock a large range of tapware for you to choose from. Or will happily install your own purchased tapware.

If you do prefer a tap set that we currently don’t stock. It’s perfectly fine to wait until you’ve purchased this set yourself from a retailer. And we will, of course, be happy to arrange a time for our plumber to come back and install your new tapware for you.

Blocked Drains Cleaning

Cleaning and clearing a blocked drain is a very common job for a plumber, but by no means the simplest. A blocked drain could be caused by a variety of issues, including:

  • Invading tree roots
  • Bellied or cracked pipes
  • Soap
  • Hair
  • Dirt and debris
  • Grease
  • Sludge and oil
  • Toilet paper
  • Sanitary napkins
  • Baby wipes
  • Children’s toys
  • Paints
  • Chemicals
  • Food scraps

Our professional plumber has the right tools available to quickly determine your pipe blockage problem and location. Your attending plumber will assess the situation, which may include a CCTV camera inspection, before deciding on the best method for your drain cleaning.

Depending on what the specific blockage is, that course of action will be either the hydro-jetting machine, the electric eel. Or, if it’s serious enough, excavation and replacement. Drain excavation is always used as a last resort and your plumber will thoroughly try to rectify the problem before resorting to this extent.

Our mobile vans are fully stocked. We have a local plumber covering all metropolitan areas of Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including all public holidays. To ensure we can get to your location in the quickest time possible. At Metropolitan Plumbing we pride ourselves on being the specialists for blocked drain jobs. You can trust that our plumber will do everything possible to give you the optimum result for your drain cleaning and clearing requirements 24/7.

Fridge Installation

Fridge installation is becoming a common requirement in many households and offices due to new model fridges having inbuilt water and ice dispensers. These fridges require a water mains connection. So they need to be installed by a professional plumber. Metropolitan Plumbing can send a plumber to install your fridge with minimal downtime and fuss to you.

Call us today or use our online plumber booking form to arrange for your new fridge installation.

Toilet Replacement and Repairs

A blocked, leaking or overflowing toilet can be a major headache, as well as a health hazard. If you experience a faulty toilet, a Metropolitan Plumbing plumber is the plumber you need to contact. We have extensive experience with all makes and models of toilets, cisterns and toilet suites. And even stock some of the best brands ourselves.

Giving you the very best and quickest results in regards to toilet repairs, replacements or new toilet installations. A faulty toilet can be caused by many things. Our plumber will assess the situation before undertaking any toilet repairs or replacements.

Your friendly, expert plumber from Metropolitan Plumbing is extensively trained to be able to identify precisely what the problem is with your toilet. And then carry out any necessary work to get it functioning as good as new again. Should a toilet or cistern replacement be required? Your attending plumber will discuss all options with you prior to installing your toilet suite of choice. Whether that be one of ours or one that you purchase from another retailer at a later date.

In what States can I book a plumber from Metropolitan Plumbing?

Metropolitan Plumbing offers access to a professional, fully licensed and qualified plumber in most major capital cities across Australia.

We operate 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week, including all public holidays. In an emergency we aim to be at your location within an hour* of your call across most metropolitan areas.