Burst Pipes and Leaking Pipes

You can trust us to fix your leaking pipes no matter what needs doing

Amongst the most common plumbing problems in the home or business, the leaking pipe or burst pipe is definitely one of the most annoying and serious. Not only is there damage to the pipe itself, which is usually more widespread than just the specific part or section that’s leaking, there’s also the distinct possibility of damage to surrounding structures like walls, flooring, carpets and the like. Leaking water also increases your water bills. All this only ends up costing you more of your hard-earned cash.

burst-pipesIt doesn’t have to, though, since serious problems will generally only happen if a leaking pipe or burst pipe is left untreated. Don’t make this mistake. Contact Metropolitan Plumbing as soon as the pipe bursts or stars leaking, and we’ll be able to send one of our fully qualified, licensed leaking pipe experts to your property straight away to take care of it. We pride ourselves on having the solution for very situation, so all our burst pipe professionals have the skills, experience, knowledge and tools to undertake any repair or replacement for any type of piping you’ve got. We also have a huge range of spare parts for all of the most common piping materials in our vans at all times, so your attending leaking pipe specialist will most likely be able to do a replacement on the spot.

Metropolitan Plumbing understand the urgency to repair or replace a burst pipe. That’s why our plumbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All you need to do is make a booking by phone or through our simple online form, and we’ll have an experienced plumber to you within 60 minutes*.

Not all pipes are the same. What types are you able to work with?

Pipe FitingHere at Metropolitan Plumbing, we know that there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to find a plumber who’s able to work with the type of piping that you’ve got. There’s water leaking everywhere, so you don’t have time for this! That’s why we’ve made sure all our burst pipe experts have the expertise, experience and equipment to be able to do repairs and replacement for all of the most common piping materials found in Australia, including all brands of plastics and varieties of metals. This way, you don’t need to worry about anything. All you need to do is contact us, and our leaking pipe professionals will sort out everything else for you.

The following list will give you more information about the materials of pipe we can work with:

Leaking copper pipes

Until about 15 years ago, copper was the most commonly used material for piping in new homes. These days, though, it’s very expensive compared with other options. It also corrodes easier than many people been believe, especially when used for hot water. Despite this, copper piping is still a reliable material when used for cold water and gas, and is the preferred replacement material here at Metropolitan Plumbing.

If you have a leaking or burst copper pipe, you should have it looked at urgently. We have all the experience, tools required and often the parts needed to repair or replace any copper piping. We stock most sizes of copper piping in our vans, so we should be able to do all work without having to go offsite to suppliers. We can also replace an entire network in copper for the very best results.

Leaking Galvanised Pipes

If your cold water is coming out a funny brown colour, or is dribbling out despite having the tap turned on fully, your galvanised pipes will most likely need replacing.

It was common for homes built before the 1960’s to have galvanised pipes, especially for the cold water line. These are usually made of steel or iron, which are then coated in a protective layer of zinc. However they still corrode, rust and freeze, eventually bursting or leaking to cause major problems.

Contact Metropolitan Plumbing straight away if you think you’ve got problems with, or if your galvanised pipes have just started leaking. We can send a plumber to repair or replace your leaking galvanised pipes. However as this material isn’t used that much anymore because of its corrosiveness, we may recommend and quote a full system replacement in a new material instead. This will save you time and money in the long run.

Leaking Plastic Pipes

is your plastic sewer pipe leaking? What about your plastic water pipe? It’s very common to see leaks and bursts with these kinds of rigid plastic pipes. Any movement in the ground or inside the house, weakening from UV light, and accidental knocks will easily result in breakages. We can repair or replace any section of plastic pipe that’s causing you trouble, and can even change your entire system over to a longer lasting, more durable piping material. It really is that easy!

Leaking Polyethylene Pipes

Polyethylene pipe is usually found outside, used to convey water either away from or to a house or apartment block. Although flexible, highly resistant to weather and UV rays, and very versatile, it can still leak or burst. Ground movements that pull fittings apart, incorrect installation and accidental garden or excavation damage all lead lead to leaking or burst polyethylene pipe. This needs to be repaired by fully qualified, licensed plumber.

Our plumbers have the training, experience and tools to tackle any leaking or burst polyethylene pipes, no matter the cause. We even stock a large range of replacement fittings and pipes in our vans, so there’s every chance our plumber can complete the job without leaving site. You’ll only the get the fastest, most successful results when you make a booking with us.

Leaking Hepworth Pipes

Has one of your Hepworth pipes burst, and is leaking water everywhere? Our plumbers have the skills, tools, knowledge and experience to repair or replace your leaking or burst pipe. Our vans also stock a large selection of Hepworth pipes and fittings, so we should have everything we need onsite right from the start. We’ll have your leaking of burst pipe fixed quickly.

Leaking Brass Fittings

Brass is a metal alloy made from copper and zinc, with the combination typically in Australia being 85% copper and 15% zinc. Due to its malleability, strength and resistance to corrosion, brass is a very common material for pipe fittings to be made of. However, brass fittings like connections and valves can still leak. This is something that needs to be taken care of by a fully qualified, licensed plumber. Regardless of what’s casing your brass fittings to leak, we’ll be able to repair or replace them in no time.

Leaking Rehau Pipes

Rehau is a European brand of flexible plastic pipe that is typically used for both hot and cold water applications. Freeze resistant, heat resistant, durable, hugely versatile and easy to install, Rehau is a very good option when having your water system replaced with a new material. If this is a job you need done, or you already have Rehau pipes that have started leaking, contact Metropolitan Plumbing straight away so we can have one of our highly experienced plumbers out to help you as quickly as possible. They even stock replacement Rehau pipes and fittings in their vans, so any repair or replacement can be done quickly.

Leaking Auspex Pipes

Australian owned and manufactured, Auspex is a brand of flexible plastic water pipe that’s particular good for replacements due to its light weight, durability, ease of installation and resistance to heat, cold and corrosion. If you need repairs or replacements to your Auspex pipeline, then Metropolitan Plumbing is your first port of call. All of our burst pipe experts have the skills, knowledge and experience to carry out any and all work you need done, including full system replacements. We have all of the necessary specialist tools, and stock replacement parts for repair jobs in our vans at all times.

Leaking Sharkbite Pipes

Do you have a leaking pipe? Maybe you should think about having a plumber from Metropolitan Plumbing repair or replace it with a Sharkbite fitting or pipe. These are high quality, durable metal fittings and flexible plastic piping that can connect to almost any other material. Do you have a Sharkbite pipe system that’s leaking? We can also fix this for you. Our highly experienced plumbers have the training, experience and tools to repair or replace any Sharkbite pipeline to get it flowing perfectly again. Just make sure you tell us you have a Shakbite pipe, and we’ll bring everything we need.

Leaking Pro-fit Pipes

Produced by Iplex, the largest Australian owned and operated pipe manufacturer, Pro-fit piping is a flexible plastic pipe system for use with both hot and cold water lines. It’s versatile, lightweight, durable and resistant to corrosion, making it very useful for complete system replacements. If you’re thinking about having your pipes replaced with Pro-fit pipes, contact Metropolitan Plumbing and we’ll be able to do it for you. If you already have Pro-fit pipes that have started to leak, we can repair them for you. We have the skills, knowledge, experience, as well as all the tools and parts necessary to carry out any work with this product.

Does it matter where I live? Can you fix my pipes wherever I am?

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to find a plumber in your area who can quickly repair or replace your leaking or burst pipes. Metropolitan Plumbing has a national team of plumbers who are available 24/7 to help you with problems like leaking pipes. Regardless of where you live or work, we’ll be able to send you one of our highly experienced plumbers who can assess your situation to locate the precise cause of the problem, then carry out any and all repairs or replacements that are required to give you the very best solution possible.

If you live in any of the following cities, we’ve got you covered:

Leaking and burst pipes Adelaide

Have you been having problems with some pipe work in your home or business? Are you in Adelaide? Then contact Metropolitan Plumbing! It doesn’t matter whether you’re located in the Adelaide city centre surrounded by lush parklands or somewhere out in the suburbs, one of our Adelaide burst pipes professionals will be able to come to you. Morphett Vale, Glenelg, Burnside, Port Adelaide, Woodville, Norwood, Enfield, Elizabeth, Unley, Marion, Mt Barker, Seaford, Stirling or anywhere else in Adelaide, we’ll be there.

Leaking and burst pipes Melbourne

Melbourne is widely accepted as Australia’s cultural capital, but with 4.25 million people, making it the second most populous city in the country, it’s also a hotspot for leaking and burst pipes. If your need a Melbourne leaking pipe repaired or replaced, contact the experts from Metropolitan Plumbing and we’ll be there regardless of where your home or business is. That’s right, we’ll come to Altona, Essendon, Footscray, Caulfield, Werribee, Kew, St Kilda, Sunbury, Geelong, Dandenong, Ringwood and every other Melbourne suburb.

Leaking and burst pipes Perth

if you need a Perth leaking pipe looked at in Rockingham, Fremantle, Joondalup, Victoria Park, Bayswater, Scarborough, Midland, Cottesloe, Iluka, Osborne Park or any other area, contact Metropolitan Plumbing straight away and we’ll be able to help. Our extensively trained, licensed Perth burst pipes professionals are available all over the city, from the banks of the Swan River right out to the remotest suburb, and they can provide you with the very best solution to your Perth leaking pipes. Isolation makes no difference here!

Leaking and burst pipes Sydney

we all know Sydney is the largest city in Australia, but did you know it has 4.67 million residents? That’s massive, which translate to an awful lot of burst and leaking pipes. Here at Metropolitan Plumbing, though, we’re not fazed, since we have an army of Sydney leaking pipes experts all ready and waiting to take your calls. We’ll come to wherever you live or work, encompassing Guildford, Parramatta, Thornleigh, Ryde, Sutherland, Liverpool, Berala, Penrith, Chatswood, Marrickville, Lindfield and Fairfield, amongst many other Sydney suburbs.

Leaking and burst pipes Brisbane

when you need work done on your pipeline in Brisbane, Metropolitan Plumbing is the only plumbing company worth calling. We have an army of fully qualified, licensed Brisbane leaking pipe specialists who can come to you no matter if you’re in the crook of the Brisbane River or the furthest suburb from it. We can come to you if you live in Moorooka, The Gap, Browns Plains, Albany Creek, Cleveland, Bracken Ridge, Petrie, Ascot, Springwood, Carindale or Taringa, just to name a few Brisbane suburbs.

Leaking and burst pipes Canberra

Weetangera, Fadden, Conder, Isabella Plains, Mawson, Bruce, Manuka, Deakin, Gungahlin, Melba, Lyneham, Acton, Mitchell. This is just a short list of the suburbs our Canberra leaking pipes professional can service, but you can rest assured we’re able to have somebody out to you wherever you are. Canberra might be small, but it still deserves a comprehensive, expert leaking and burst pipe service, so we’ll take callouts for any problem in any suburb, whether it’s on north side, south side or right in the Canberra city centre.