Our toilets experts can help with any problem

When it comes to problems in the home or business, there are a lot of things you can put up with. However, there’s one thing you definitely don’t want to put up with, and shouldn’t have to. The faulty toilet. Not being able to use your toilet suite, whether because it’s leaking, it won’t flush or it hasn’t even been installed yet, can make for one of the most unpleasant and annoying experiences imaginable.

toilets-installationIf you’ve gone to the toilet only to find that it’s not working properly, the last you want is for having it fixed to be an unpleasant and annoying experience as well. That’s why you should contact the toilet expert from here at Metropolitan Plumbing. Every single one of our fully qualified, licensed toilet professionals has undergone the most extensive, in-depth training and experience possible, ensuring that they’re ready for any problem you might throw at them, no matter how easy or difficult, small or large. In addition, our toilet experts’ vans are stocked to the hilt with the latest and greatest in toilet tools and spare parts, which saves you time and money since you’re not having to pay us to leave site get something.

But that’s not all! Here at Metropolitan Plumbing, we understand that toilet problems don’t always come up between 9am and 5pm, which is why we’ve made our expert toilet service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning you can have your toilet repaired or installed by a professional one a Sunday, 3 o’clock in the morning and even on Christmas day! If need some work done in your toilet right now, regardless of the time, contact us by phone or our online booking form, and we’ll be at your property within just an hour. All of this combines to make us the only name worth remember when it comes to toilet maintenance.

My toilet suite needs work. Can you do anything I need?

There really isn’t much that could be said to be as unpleasant as a faulty toilet. Whether it’s not working as well as it should, not working at all, or still needs to be installed, the toilet professionals from Metropolitan Plumbing will be able to sort you no sweat. With the very best in knowledge, skill, experience, tools and spare parts, one of our toilet experts will be able to come around to your home or business to do any work you need done in order to get your toilet up and running perfectly. Not just anybody can competently work on your toilet suite, so the best idea to contact our toilet professionals.

You can look through the following paragraphs to have a look at what we’re able to do with your toilet suite:

Toilet repairing

repair-toilet-cisternwhen you’ve got a problem with your toilet suite that needs to be taken care of straight away, you really don’t want just anybody doing it. No, you want one of the toilet experts from here at Metropolitan Plumbing, that way you know you’re the very best service available and will end up with the very best results possible. No matter what the problem seems to be with your toilet suite, your attending toilet professional will be able to assess the precise condition and cause of your issue, and then carry out the most effective repairs to rectify it.

Most often, this will involve replacing and repairing most of the parts from your cistern, pipes or bowl, since these are perishable and will be in bad condition. These parts, being perishable, will eventually wear out, with most of them wearing at roughly the same rate. This means that replacing only the ones that are currently causing problems will lead to further problems in the near future, making a full replacement the best option. Our vans carry all of these parts in permanent stock, so your attending toilet expert should have everything he needs to perfectly repair your toilet suite onsite right from the start.

Toilet installing

there’s no point just sitting there staring at your toilet suite, since the thing won’t install itself. And nor is there any point having an amateur install your toilet suite, since it’ll most likely be done incorrectly and cause you all kinds of headaches. The only option, then, is to contact the toilet professionals from Metropolitan Plumbing about installing your toilet suite. No matter what brand or model of toilet suite you’ve purchased, one of our toilet experts will be able to come around to your home or business and have it working perfectly in no time.

There might also be a time when we may need to replace your existing toilet suite, say if we aren’t able to repair it or repairing will cost you too much money. In these instances, your attending toilet expert will be able to talk you through your options, then go get your choice of toilet suite and come back to install it on the same day. If you know you want a replacement beforehand, you can even tell the operator when you make your booking, and our toilet expert will pick it up on the way. Again, it doesn’t matter what brand or model you want, since we have training and experience with all the most popular brands.

My toilet suite isn’t working properly. How come?

With most of the working parts inside your toilet being made of plastic or rubber and always in contact with water, it’s inevitable that your toilet will eventually fail. Depending on which parts of your toilet suite have worn out, your toilet suite will generally end up doing one of two things, either start leaking or stop flushing. Both are serious problems, and need to be looked at by a toilet expert from Metropolitan Plumbing. With our tools, spare parts, knowhow, experience and skills, you don’t need o worry about anything.

Here are some details on these two problems, including their most likely causes:

Toilet that’s started leaking

being able to see water running from your toilet cistern into your toilet bowl, and increased water bills for no reason, are two sure fire signs that you’ve got a leaking toilet. While not necessarily irritating on its own, the leaking toilet is still a very serious problem due to the money it can cost and the further problems it can lead to. This is usually caused by wear to parts like the flapper valve, the ball valve, the flushing mechanism base rubber, and the inlet pipes – all those parts essential in keeping water in the cistern until it’s flushed.

Toilet that’s stopped flushing

most certainly irritating on its own, the toilet that won’t flush is an emergency and should be taken care of as soon as possible. Damage or wear to the flusher arm, the flusher chain, the flapper valve and other parts that work in unison to make your toilet flush are the typical causes of a non-flushable toilet, many of which will normally need to be repaired or replaced at once to get your toilet suite back into perfect flushing order. For both of these problems, the toilet experts from Metropolitan Plumbing have everything they need to quickly and efficiently repair or replace your toilet suite.

My toilet suite needs some work. What brands are you familiar with?

Since we know that not everybody has the exact same toilet suite, we’ve gone out of our way to make sure that every single one of our fully qualified, licensed Metropolitan Plumbing toilet professionals has the training, tools, experience and parts to do any and all work with all of the most popular brands of toilet suite available in Australia. From Australia made and owned toilet suites to some of the favoured imports, we’ll be able to do any repairs and installations you need for any of these brands. Just click on the below links for more information:

I live in the outer suburbs. Can I still get your expert toilet services?

There are some toilet plumbing companies who only service a few areas, and these are typically the CBD and a couple of the inner suburbs. That’s fine for them, but we think we can do better. Here at Metropolitan Plumbing, we’re proud to have both the manpower and the fleet size to be able to offer our professional toilet repairs and installations not only in almost all of the major capital cities, but also in every single suburb of those cities, even the ones on the remotest outskirts! No matter where you are, we can have a toilet expert on your doorstep in no time at all.

Toilets and cisterns in Adelaide

Adelaide, well know as it is for its churches and its festivals, is also a city quite prone to toilet problems as any city is. It makes no difference to us where you’re Adelaide home or business is, though, since we have the resources to have an Adelaide toilet professional out to you quick smart regardless. If you’re close the city, surrounded by parklands, our further out, we can come to Woodville, Norwood, Unley, Marion, Port Adelaide, Morphett Vale, Glenelg, Burnside, Stirling, Enfield, Elizabeth, Mt Barker, and Seaford, just to name a few Adelaide suburbs.

Toilets and cisterns in Perth

what with the mining boom and its generally exceptional quality of life, Perth’s population has shot up to 1.9 million residents over the past decade. That also means an increase in toilet problems, but we’re not fazed one bit. At Metropolitan Plumbing, our Perth toilet experts can make it out to any and all suburbs, regardless of whether you’re is the city centre with all those live music venues or in the quieter suburbs. Bayswater, Victoria Park, Midland, Rockingham, Iluka, Joondalup, Scarborough, Osborne Park, Fremantle, Cottesloe or anywhere else, our Perth toilet specialist will be there.

Toilets and cisterns in Melbourne

the second largest city in the country, the cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne can also add toilet problems to its list of notable things, since it has a lot of them. Wherever you are, though, you can contact Metropolitan Plumbing and we’ll be able to get a Melbourne toilet expert out to your home or business before you know it. Our availability spans the entirety of Melbourne, encompassing Werribee, Dandenong, Altona, Caulfield, St Kilda, Sunbury, Geelong, Kew, Essendon, Ringwood and Footscray, to name just a few.

Toilets and cisterns in Sydney

with Sydney being the largest, most populous city in Australia, it’s easy to assume that no toilet plumbing company would offer citywide service, but you’d be assuming wrong! MetropolitanPlumbing Sydney does! It doesn’t matter whether you live or work in the Sydney CBD or out in the furthest suburb from it, we can send you a toilet expert for all your Sydney toilet needs. We’ll come to Lindfield, Penrith, Chatswood, Berala, Ryde, Parramatta, Sutherland, Fairfield, Guildford, Marrickville, Thornleigh, Liverpool and every other Sydney suburb.

Toilets and cisterns in Brisbane

when you’re having toilet problems in sunny Brisbane, the last thing you want is to be denied help because you’re in the wrong suburb. When you contact Metropolitan Plumbing, though, this won’t happen since we service every single Brisbane suburb. From the city centre nestling in the crook of the Brisbane River to the remotest, quietest suburb, our Brisbane toilet professionals have you covered. If you’re in Moorooka, Browns Plains, Carindale, Taringa, The Gap, Albany Creek, Cleveland, Bracken Ridge, Petrie, Ascot, Springwood or any suburb in between, we can be there.

Toilets and cisterns in Canberra

Canberra, Australia’s capital city and home to the largest inland population in the country, is a beautiful place to live. However, just like any city, it’s very prone to toilet issues. When toilet problems strike in Canberra, you need to contact Metropolitan Plumbing. We don’t subscribe to obscure rivalries north side/south side rivalries, so our Canberra toilet experts will come to you no matter where you are. Deakin, Acton, Fadden, Isabella Plains, Bruce, Manuka, Mawson, Conder, Lyneham, Mitchell, Gungahlin, Weetangera, Melba, anywhere else, we’ll be there.