When it comes to problems in the home or business, there are a lot of things you can put up with, but a faulty toilet is not one of them. Not being able to use your toilet suite, whether because it’s leaking, won’t flush or hasn’t even been installed yet, can make for one unpleasant and annoying experience.

toilets-installationThat is why you should contact the toilet experts from Metropolitan Plumbing. Every single one of our fully qualified, licensed professionals have undergone the most extensive, in-depth training and experience possible. Ensuring they’re ready for any problem you might throw at them. In addition, our vans are stocked with the latest and greatest in tools and spare parts.

That’s not all! Here at Metropolitan Plumbing, we understand that toilet problems don’t always come up between 9am and 5pm, which is why we have made our expert toilet service available 24/7. If you need some work done in your toilet right now, regardless of the time, contact us by phone or our online booking form and we’ll be at your property within just an hour*.

Your toilet suite needs work? Here’s what we can do

Whether your toilet is not working as well as it should, not working at all or still needs to be installed, the professionals from Metropolitan Plumbing will be able to sort you no sweat. 

Toilet repairing

repair-toilet-cisternWhen you’ve got a problem with your toilet suite that needs to be taken care of, you really don’t want just anybody doing it. No matter the problem, your attending toilet professional will be able to assess the precise condition and cause of your issue and then carry out the most effective repairs.

Most often, this will involve replacing and repairing most of the parts from your cistern, pipes or bowl, since these are perishable and will be in bad condition. As these parts are perishable they will eventually wear out and most will wear out at roughly the same rate. This means that replacing only the ones that are currently causing problems will lead to further problems in the near future. Which is why making a full replacement is the best option. 

Toilet installing

There might also be a time when we may need to replace your existing toilet suite, say if we are unable to repair it or repairing will cost you too much. In these instances, your plumber will be able to talk you through your options, go get your choice of toilet suite and come back to install it on the same day. If you know you want a replacement beforehand, you can even tell the operator when you make your booking, and our we will pick it up on the way. No matter what brand or model of toilet suite, one of our plumbers will be able to come around to your home or business and have it installed and working perfectly in no time.

Your toilet suite isn’t working properly. How come?

With most of the working parts inside your toilet being made of plastic or rubber and always in contact with water, it’s inevitable that your toilet will eventually fail. Depending on which parts have worn out, your toilet suite will generally end up doing one of two things: either start leaking or stop flushing. Both are serious problems, and need to be looked at by a toilet expert from Metropolitan Plumbing. With our tools, spare parts, experience and skills, you don’t need to worry about anything.

Here are some details on these two problems, including their most likely causes:

Toilet has started leaking

Being able to see water running from your toilet cistern into your toilet bowl and increased water bills for no reason, are two sure fire signs that you’ve got a leaking toilet. While not necessarily irritating on its own, the leaking toilet is still a very serious problem due to the money it can cost and the further problems it can lead to. This is usually caused by wear to parts like the flapper valve, the ball valve, the flushing mechanism base rubber, and the inlet pipes. All these parts essential in keeping water in the cistern until it’s flushed.

Toilet has stopped flushing

Most certainly irritating on its own, the toilet that won’t flush is an emergency and should be taken care of as soon as possible. Damage or wear to the flusher arm, the flusher chain, the flapper valve and other parts that work in unison are the typical causes of a non-flushable toilet. Many of which will normally need to be repaired or replaced to get your toilet flushing. For both of these problems, the toilet experts from Metropolitan Plumbing have everything they need to quickly and efficiently repair or replace your toilet suite.

My toilet suite needs some work. What brands are you familiar with?

We know that not everybody has the same toilet suite, so we’ve gone out of our way to make sure that every single one of our plumbers are able to work with all of the most popular brands. From Australia made and owned toilet suites to some of the favoured imports, we’ll be able to do any repairs and installations you need. 

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