If you need gas fitting services, a Metropolitan Plumbing gas fitter can do just about anything gas related. If you need…

  • a gas oven installed
  • a gas BBQ converted to Natural gas
  • or you suspect you may have a gas leak on your property

Then our fully qualified and licensed gas plumbers have the training, experience and equipment to do it all. At Metropolitan Plumbing, we understand some things can’t wait. That’s why our licensed gas fitters are available 24/7.

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What gas fitting work are you able to do?

Our plumbers are expert in all fields of Gas work.  We can assist in gas installations and commissions, conversions, repairs, relocation and more. Here are some of the jobs we can do with specific appliances and areas:

Gas hot water systems

Metropolitan Plumbing is able to service and repair every brand and model of gas hot water units, or else supply and install a new one for you.  If you experience any issues with your gas hot water heater such as:

  • No hot water
  • A lower temperature than usual or water fluctuations;
  • Discoloured water;
  • Clanging sounds within your gas storage tank;
  • A burst or leaking gas storage tank;
  • Your gas hot water system pilot light keeps extinguishing;
  • Higher than average gas bills for no apparent reason;

Call Metropolitan Plumbing immediately for a prompt repair or replacement service 24/7. 

Gas fitting leak repairs

It is essential that you contact a gas fitter if you have a gas leak on your property. Even if you only suspect there may be a gas leak, it is always better to be safe than sorry! There’s too much that can go wrong with a gas leak if you leave it, such as excess gas bills, respiratory problems, fire or even explosion. Signs that there may be a gas leak present on your property include:

  • A strong sulfuric smell, commonly referred to as smelling like rotten eggs;
  • Hissing or whistling sounds coming from a gas appliance;
  • Changes to the colour of your gas flame;
  • Extremely high gas bills for no reason;
  • Health deterioration when, or after, using a gas appliance (especially a gas heater) e.g. dizziness, nausea, confusion, headaches or fatigue;
  • No gas hot water;
  • Your gas pilot light keeps extinguishing;
  • Environmental changes e.g. patches of drying grass or bubbling water on your property with no known cause;

If you smell gas, or suspect a gas leak – call us 24/7 any time of the day or night on 1300 367 333.

Gas BBQ installations

If you’ve just bought a new gas BBQ or have an old gas BBQ and you’d like to connect it to the natural gas line, then call upon an expert from Metropolitan Plumbing. You’ll never have to worry about running out of gas in the middle of that outdoor home party again!

We can convert your gas BBQ to operate on natural gas, no matter what make or model it is. We can put it anywhere you want, even if we need to run a gas line to create a new gas outlet.

Repairs for a malfunctioning BBQ are also an option, as is converting your natural gas BBQ unit to LPG. Just contact our gas experts today!

Gas room heaters

Our gas fitting experts from Metropolitan Plumbing can repair, reposition and install heaters as needed. In addition to this, we have experience with all types, makes and models of gas room heaters, and even carry a large range of spare parts at all times, so we’ve got you covered for any situation.

It is important to have your gas heater looked at immediately if you notice any changes in its performance. As well as if you were to notice a decline in health of either yourself or your family members either during or after using a gas heater. A faulty gas room heater, a gas heater that does not have the correct ventilation or a gas appliance used in an incorrect manner, could be producing high levels of carbon monoxide. This is a deadly gas that is odourless and colourless and is otherwise known as the silent killer.

This gas is more harmful to young children, the elderly and those with respiratory issues. However, it can affect anyone no matter how young or old. A key warning sign is if you notice that yourself or your family members begin to experience fatigue, dizziness, headaches, confusion or nausea. Keep an eye out for this while using a gas room heater, or shortly afterwards. We recommend that you turn off the appliance and call a gas fitting expert to arrange a service of your gas appliance.

All gas appliances need servicing according to their manufacturers warranties, usually once every two years. Metropolitan Plumbing are your gas fitting experts able to service, repair or newly install your gas room heater.

Gas Stoves and Ovens

Your gas cooking appliances, such as gas ovens and gas stoves, need to be in good working order to be efficient and effective. They can be very annoying, or even dangerous, if they’re faulty.

When your existing gas oven fails, or you buy yourself a new gas stove, contact Metropolitan Plumbing on 1300 367 333. We’ll be able to have one of our gas plumbers come over and either repair or install your gas oven or stove.

We make sure our experts have the skills, tools, parts and know how to work with any and all makes and models of gas ovens and gas stoves, so we can give you only the very best service.

What gases do you work with?

There are primarily two types of gas used to power gas appliances. Our gas plumber is able to work with both of the most common gases used in Australian homes and businesses.

The 2 kinds of gases are the following:

Liquefied petroleum gas

More commonly known by its abbreviation, LPG, this is the gas you might buy from a hardware store or specialised gas retailer.

LPG comes in bottles or large cylinders. It is usually used to fuel gas appliances either when natural gas isn’t used at all in the building or when a natural gas outlet isn’t available where the appliance needs to go.

LPG consists mostly of propane and butane, both of which come from the refining process of petroleum, a naturally occurring flammable liquid. LPG is very handy, but can be expensive to use as a common fuel source for your appliances.

Natural gas

The gas which arrives at your home or business through the underground gas network is known as natural gas. Natural gas is usually used for fueling all of your indoor gas appliances, such as gas stoves and gas heaters and is now also commonly used for your outdoor BBQ’s and even for heating swimming pools.

It’s created as animal and plant matter decomposes, giving off raw gas and collecting in underground caverns over many years; this raw gas is then extracted and refined into what we know as natural gas. Natural gas is much cheaper and more economical than electricity or LPG to run your appliances, but is not always readily available to all areas.

What is commissioning a gas appliance?

For any and all gas fitting jobs that you need done, including commissioning a gas appliance, the gas fitters at Metropolitan Plumbing are your first port of call. When a gas appliance is installed and attached to a power source by your attending gas fitter, it needs to be checked for safety and functionality. This is called commissioning. This is essential before using any appliance as it looks at things like ventilation, gas pressure and the soundness of gas connections.

All of our gas plumbers will commission every gas appliance they install and supply you with a certificate of compliance, so you can be sure your new appliance works perfectly and is safe to use. If you have an unlicensed gas fitter install your gas appliance, they will not be able to issue you with a certificate of compliance. Not having one of these could void your appliance warranty and pose a health and safety risk to your home, office, employees or loved ones.

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