What is Gas appliance commissioning?

One of the less explained terms used in gas fittings is “commissioning”. Gas appliance commissioning is the name given to the process of checking a newly installed gas appliance for safety and functionality. This must be carried out by one of our licensed gas fitters every time an appliance, such as a gas oven or heater, is installed, to make sure all its parts are working properly and okay to use. Every licensed plumber with Metropolitan Plumbing is also a highly trained gas fitter. We’re available to come to your home or business 24/7, and can often be there within just an hour of your call. We take our job very seriously, so we’ll commission every gas appliance we install to give you the best, safest experience possible.

Is gas appliance commissioning needed for every kind of gas appliance?

Yes, every gas appliance will need to be commissioned prior to use. This includes gas BBQs, gas ovens, gas stoves, gas room heaters, gas water heaters, and any other gas-powered appliance. If a gas appliance isn’t commissioned, the unit may not work the way it should, and could even be dangerous. At Metropolitan Plumbing, It doesn’t matter what type, make or model, we’ll be able to install and commission it so it works perfectly and safely.




What do you do when commissioning a gas appliance?

After installing your new gas appliance and before you get to use it, we will look over every centimeter of the unit to make sure it’s all there, has all been installed properly, and that everything is connected and in perfect working order. Any problems will be fixed, and any faults taken care of.

This include:

  • Looking at the connections to and from the gas appliances,
  • Making sure those connections are not leaking;
  • Making sure there’s sufficient ventilation around the appliance;
  • Checking that the gas pressure and gas/oxygen combination has been set properly.

If you are in need of a qualified gas fitter to have your gas appliance commissioned, than look no further than Metropolitan Plumbing. Our Plumbers are all licensed and trained gas fitters. We are available 24/7 and can even be there in an hour of your call, in an emergency. Just call us on 1300 367 333 or fill out an online booking form and one of our staff members will get back to you in no time.

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