We can install or repair your gas appliances

Our service hours at Metropolitan Plumbing go around the clock, all day every day, even public holidays. It doesn’t matter if you need a licensed, highly trained gas fitter at 1:30 in the morning or at lunchtime on Christmas day. We’ll send a licensed gas plumber around to your home or business who will arrive promptly at the time you were given, or within the hour* in a plumbing or gas fitting emergency – who can take care of any gas fitting problem you might be facing. All you need to do is phone us on 1300 367 333, or click over to our simple online plumber booking form.

Gas ovens, gas stoves, gas cook-tops, gas hotplates, gas room heaters and gas hot water systems can be very complicated to install or repair, requiring many interconnecting pieces and parts to be attached and working properly. They can also be downright dangerous if done incorrectly, so you need a fully qualified gas fitter who knows precisely what they’re doing and one that can supply you with a certificate of compliance upon installation.

For a Metropolitan Plumbing gas fitter, any and all work to a gas cooking appliance is no problem; they’ve all had extensive training in every aspect of gas fitting, including installing and repairing those gas ovens, gas stoves, gas cook-tops, gas hotplates, gas heaters or gas hot water systems – we can even convert your BBQ to run on natural gas. So, if you need a faulty gas oven looked at or a new gas hotplate put in, look no further!

Are you able to install my new gas appliance?

Gas ovens, gas stoves, new gas hotplates, natural gas BBQ’s – one of our Metropolitan Plumbing gas fitting experts will be able to install and commission any kitchen gas appliance you may have, we are also the experts when it comes to the installations or gas heaters or gas hot water systems.

Your attending gas fitter can either install your new gas cooking appliance where the old one was, or they can extend your gas pipe work to create a new gas outlet in a different location. And the same goes for if you already have a gas oven or gas stove, but would just like it relocated to a more desirable position.

We can have one of our gas fitting professionals around to your property to simply move your existing gas cooking appliance, it’s totally up to you. For any gas fitting work you need done, Metropolitan Plumbing is your one stop shop.

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Are you able to repair my existing gas appliances?

At Metropolitan Plumbing, all of our gas fitting experts have every tool and most spare parts required to repair all types, makes and types of faulty gas appliances. We do recommend, though, that you have read your user’s manual if it is a new appliance before contacting us, as we do sometimes arrive at a customer’s home or business only to find that there was nothing wrong with their gas cooking appliance; the customer simply did not know how to use it. Some gas stoves require an electricity connection as well as a gas connection, while some gas ovens won’t begin to heat up until the timer has been set, so it’s always best to familiarise yourself with the operation of your specific gas unit before calling one of our gas fitters. If you’ve got a faulty gas oven, gas stove, gas cooktop or gas hotplate, contact us straight away and we’ll be able to send one of our gas fitting professionals around to your property straight away to provide a repair. Regardless of what’s wrong with it, and regardless of what type, make or model it is, our gas fitters have the tools, training, skills and experience to be able to repair any malfunctioning gas cooking appliance you may have.

If you experience issues with any gas appliance in your home or office call us anytime of the day or night. Gas is a highly flammable substance and it is always better to be safe than sorry!

* Conditions apply.