When it comes to gas fitting, Metropolitan Plumbing is the only name you ever need remember. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and also have a plumber or gas fitter available to assist you on any public holiday across all metropolitan areas of Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. All of our vans are stocked to the hilt with everything our fully qualified, licensed gas fitters could need for any gas fitting job, and we’ll make sure we get somebody out to your home or business on the same day that you make your booking or within just an hour*, in an emergency, of you calling or filling out our simple online plumber booking form. If you’ve got a faulty gas hot water system, require a new gas appliance installation or would like the convenience of converting your BBQ to operate on natural gas then contact us today.

We understand how much Australian residents love their BBQ’s and we totally appreciate how frustrating it can be when your BBQ doesn’t work the way it should, or is just sitting there, waiting to be installed, or your LPG cylinder runs out of gas in the middle of that cook up. That’s why we can have a gas fitting professional, with the experience, the expertise and equipment to tackle any problem you may have with your gas BBQ, no matter what make or model it is or what the problem may be, to your location whenever you need us.

With 24/7, within the hour* emergency service, and only the best gas fitters in the country, you’re perfect BBQ experience is just a call or click away.

Can you to install my new gas BBQ?

All our professional, friendly gas fitting experts here at Metropolitan Plumbing will be able to install and commission your brand new gas BBQ, with no exceptions to its type,brand or model.Connecting this type of appliance to your mains gas line needs to be done by an expert, especially if you don’t have an outlet in the correct place. In this case, you attending gas fitter will be able to extend your existing gas pipe work, putting an outlet and, of course, your BBQ, exactly where you want it.

Should you currently have a gas BBQ, but simply need it relocated and reinstalled, one of our gas fitting professionals can easily do that for you. If you aren’t happy with the location of your existing gas BBQ, we’ll be able to have one of our gas fitters out to your property who will be able to disconnect your gas, extend your gas line, install a new gas outlet, and then reinstall that BBQ and you’ll be cooking again with no worries!

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Can you convert my gas BBQ to run on natural gas or LPG?

It is essential to have any BBQ conversions carried out by a fully trained and licensed gas fitter – not doing so can be extremely dangerous. It is also an extreme health and safety issue if you try and run your gas BBQ, or any other gas appliance, through the wrong gas fuel source for what the appliance is intended, doing so could be deadly.

Can you repair my gas BBQ?

A Metropolitan Plumbing gas fitter has the knowledge and skills to repair any kind, any brand, and any model of gas BBQ. Your attending gas fitting expert will have the tools, training and experience to find out exactly what’s wrong with your BBQ, then repair or replace parts as required. Contact us anytime on 1300 367 333 we can be at your location within an hour* in a plumbing or gas emergency.

*Conditions apply