When it comes to gas pipework, Metropolitan plumbers are equipped with both the tools and the knowledge to repair most materials used in the delivery of gas. Our qualified gas professionals can deal with copper, galvanised and several variations of PEX pipes. Should you have corroded or damaged pipework for you gas line, a repair or replacement will be required. 

With gas, immediate action needs to be taken as it is an extremely hazardous substance. Which is why we can have a gas plumber to your home or business within the hour* of your call and are available 24/7. We cover all metropolitan areas of Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane. Call us today on 1300 367 333 for a gas pipework repair, replacement or new installation with quality workmanship guaranteed.

Types of Pipework

There are different types of pipework used in the distribution of natural gas to your home, As discussed below. 

Copper Pipes

Copper pipes have been the default option for gas piping, and for good reason. Copper is reliable, strong and an effective distribution system for natural gas. It is also an excellent source to carry both hot and cold water. Many homes have copper pipework installed that has lasted over 50 years with no problems in relation to leaks or damage. This is because copper pipes are extremely durable and show little signs of ageing.

Copper pipework can be expensive to install but you will get the most out of it compared to other pipe materials available. It is also one of the longest lasting pipes to use within your home that will require minimal to no ongoing maintenance. Unlike plastic pipes, which can easily be damaged by blockages or tree roots.

Under no circumstance should you try to repair or replace a copper pipe yourself, unless you are a fully trained and licensed professional. Electrocution from un-earthed plumbing can easily occur, or if your copper pipe is used for carrying hot water, this water could be at boiling point. Another factor to consider is your home insurance. If your pipework was repaired, replaced or installed by an unqualified tradesman, any required claims would most likely be rejected.

Galvanised Pipes

Galvanised pipes were a popular choice for new home installations around 50 years ago but are not commonly installed today due to their corrosion properties. Galvanised pipes were once considered the most durable before copper piping was introduced. But over time it has been noted that they usually corrode from the inside out causing burst or leaking pipework – especially when being used as a water carrier.

Even though they are not commonly installed in new homes today, there are still plenty of homes with galvanised pipework. The gas fitting experts from Metropolitan Plumbing can easily provide you with repairs or replacements should you find yourself with a gas leak.

PEX Pipes

PEX pipes are now increasingly popular with several manufacturers and brands on the market. The highly trained plumbers from Metropolitan Plumbing have the tools and parts to repair, replace or newly install your PEX pipes, including; Sharkbite, Auspex, Profit and Rehau. This style of pipe, often referred to as “plastic piping”, is become more popular due to its price and soft, flexible composition.

When PEX pipework is installed it must be done correctly by a trained professional to reduce any risk of the pipes becoming damaged. If you have a leaking or burst PEX pipe or require a new PEX pipework installation then contact Metropolitan Plumbing for quality workmanship and customer satisfaction guaranteed.

All types of gas pipework must be installed by a trained professional to ensure it is done so correctly, as it can be both tricky and dangerous. Don’t take the risk, it’s never worth it in the long run. Contact a licensed and fully qualified gas fitter from Metropolitan Plumbing for any pipework repairs, replacements or new installations. We are available 24/7 and can have a gas fitter to your home or office within the hour* in an emergency across all metropolitan areas of Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane.


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