Everything You Need To Know About Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Systems

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Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water

Continuous flow hot water refers to the way in which hot water is delivered. The hot water heater switches on when the hot tap is turned on, and then switches off again once the tap is turned off. Continuous flow hot water systems are also known as instantaneous hot water systems. These types of hot water boilers are generally very efficient and economical, depending on the fuel source and the particular model, since there’s minimal energy wastage.

Some of the continuous flow gas systems that Metropolitan Plumbing install and service include:

  • Rheem Gas Continuous Flow
  • Dux Gas Continuous Flow
  • Rinnai Gas Continuous Flow
  • Bosch Gas Continuous Flow
  • Chromagen Gas Continuous Flow

How does a continuous flow gas hot water system actually work, then?

Instantaneous hot water systems work by pumping water through the heat exchanger before being sent directly to the tap. When a hot tap is turned on, the continuous flow hot water system also switches on. Water is then diverted through the heat exchanger, which transfers heat from the burner onto the water, and the water is then delivered to the faucet. As soon as the hot tap is turned off, the burner also switches of and water is no longer pumped through the unit. Since water is slowed down during the heating process in a continuous flow hot water heater, it doesn’t come out at mains pressure. This means that multiple open taps will result in decreased water temperature and amount.

Continuous flow hot water systems are only available in gas and electric models. Depending on the fuel source and the model you’re able to choose, it could be cheaper to run and more energy and water efficient than a storage appliance. Gas is usually the better choice, but many manufacturers are now producing highly efficient electric models as well. So you don’t need to already be connected to natural gas to benefit from a continuous flow hot water system. There will be a slight delay between turning the hot tap on and getting hot water, since the burner needs time to get up to temperature. It is also possible to use more water than with a storage model.

My system isn’t working. Can you help me?

Contact Metropolitan Plumbing as soon as you realise there’s something wrong with your continuous flow hot water system. We’ll dispatch one of our fully qualified hot water systems experts out to your building straight away. Our plumbers know how frustrating it is having no hot water, so we’ve ensured that our team is experienced, skilled and equipped to repair or replace your hot water unit.

Malfunctioning continuous flow hot water systems can be a real nuisance, so you don’t want to pay for work that does nothing, or even makes the situation worse. All our hot water boiler specialists have undergone the most extensive training possible. So they’re able to diagnose precisely what’s wrong with your continuous flow hot water system and then carry out a suitable repair or replacement. We have all the tools and spare parts we need in our vans, and we’ll source and install replacement units for you. When you book with Metropolitan Plumbing, you can rest assured you’re getting the very best service available.

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