If you notice a problem with your gas hot water you should call in a plumber as soon as possible to eliminate the possibility of a gas leak. Gas is a highly flammable substance and any suspected gas leak needs to be attended to immediately. Issues you may encounter are:

  • No hot water
  • your gas heater pilot light keeps extinguishing
  • your water doesn’t seem as hot as usual
  • the water pressure keeps fluctuating
  • or your water bills seem higher than usual

Then call Metropolitan Plumbing, we have a plumber on standby 24/7 to repair or replace your hot water system. We can have a fully qualified and licensed gas plumber to your home within an hour* of your booking, in an emergencyWe also offer our customers the option of interest free payment terms* to help ease any financial pressure. 

Gas Hot Water System

Why choose gas hot water?

Natural gas is one of the cheapest, most efficient ways of generating heat energy. As such, gas hot water systems are generally some of the best, most cost-effective and reliable hot water heaters available. If you’re already connected to the Natural gas network, switching over to a new system might be a very good decision. Especially if you currently own an electric hot water heater, as they are the most expensive hot water systems to run.

If you already have a gas hot water heater that’s malfunctioning, our expert plumbers will rectify your issue with minimal downtime. At Metropolitan Plumbing, we can repair, replace or supply and newly install your heater. Metropolitan Plumbing specialise in all well-known and trusted heater manufacturers including:


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Gas leak?
Blocked drain?
Leaking toilet?
Burst Pipes?
Leaking Taps?

My gas hot water heater isn’t working properly, can you repair it?

Metropolitan Plumbing prides itself on having the right solution for every situation. This is why we make sure that all our hot water system professionals are extensively trained and experienced in repairing any problem a gas appliance may present. We also have a permanent stock of spare parts in our vans. This makes our job much faster and easier while also decreasing the stress and costs for you as your plumber will rarely need to leave site in search for spare parts.

No matter what the problem is with your gas hot water, our gas plumber will be able to find the cause and repair it quickly, efficiently and effectively at an affordable and competitive price.

My gas hot water heater can’t be repaired, can you replace it?

In the first instance, our plumber will always try to repair your hot water heater, if viable. But unfortunately, not all hot water systems will be able to be repaired. It may be too old, too damaged, your storage tank may be corroded, or simply not worth repairing. If you’ve had a Metropolitan plumber around to your property, and he’s concluded that a replacement will be a better option, he can still do this job on that visit.

Our plumber will be able to walk you through your options, help you choose the best replacement gas hot water heater for you, then organise a purchase, retrieve it and install it straight away. This also applies if you simply want a new gas hot water system. 

When you’re replacing a gas hot water, it’s now not possible to do so with a model that has an energy star rating of 4 or below. This is because these heaters are considered to be too inefficient and are slowly being phased out. In order to comply with these regulations, you will need to choose a gas water heater that has an energy star rating of 5 or higher. Your Metropolitan plumber will be able to guide you through this process when you’re deciding on your replacement. He will make sure you not only comply with all laws but also that you get the very best appliance for your hot water heating requirements.

Gas hot water heaters are available in two types of systems – storage and continuous flow (also known as instantaneous systems).

Gas Storage Hot Water System

A storage heater can be powered by either natural gas or LPG, which supplies power to a continually burning pilot flame. The pilot flame ignites a gas burner submerged inside the heaters storage cylinder, which heats the water stored inside the cylinder ready for when you require it. The temperature of this water is monitored by a thermostat and the burner automatically turns off once optimum water temperature is reached.

When you use hot water, the storage cylinder automatically refills with water to its capacity and heats the new water. Gas storage heaters are commonly made with a steel storage cylinder that is coated with vitreous enamel which helps the cylinder to resist corrosion. More expensive models feature stainless steel storage cylinders, which can prove to be more durable than the regular steel units.

Most gas storage heaters also feature an added sacrificial anode inside their storage cylinders. Which is a chemical that is designed to break down over the life of the unit and be released into the system, this helps lengthen the life of the unit itself.

Continuous Flow or Instantaneous

Click here for information about gas continuous flow hot water systems.


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