Want interest free hot water? Well imagine having your hot water system replaced in just hours and having up to 12 months to pay if off, without accruing interest! Here at Metropolitan Plumbing, we are frequently called out to assess malfunctioning hot water systems and have the experience and expertise to work on all makes and models of hot water units.

We understand that hot water systems don’t always break down at convenient times to you or your bank account. Which is why we offer interest free payment terms for approved applicants who have their new systems supplied and installed by us. 

Our interest free terms mean you don’t need to be faced with large upfront costs to replace your hot water system and instead can pay through manageable installments. Our helpful plumbers can organise your interest free payments in just a few short minutes. So you only need to pay a small deposit on the day. How good is that? This way you are still receiving a same day installation service without the stress of significant upfront fees.

Interest Free Hot Water System

Having the financial freedom from our payment plan means you can install the best possible hot water unit in your home and your choice won’t be limited by cost. 

Selecting the right hot water system is not an easy decision. With many makes and models, it can be difficult to ascertain which unit is best for your home.

Luckily Metropolitan Plumbing are hot water experts and can recommend the ideal hot water unit for your home. We offer onsite quotes to supply and install and will ensure you receive the ideal unit to suit your individual requirements.

Metropolitan Plumbing provides a comprehensive emergency and general maintenance plumbing service. We can assist you with just about any domestic plumbing issue and have the necessary tools and equipment to complete almost all jobs in the single visit. In fact, we stock our vans with an extensive range of replacement parts, fittings and tools so that we are prepared for even the most challenging jobs.

If your hot water system breaks down out of hours, don’t panic! Metropolitan Plumbing is available 24/7. We have plumbers situated around Australia who provide a prompt and reliable service. Call us now on 1300 367 333

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