Everything You Need To Know About Storage Hot Water Systems

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storage hot water systemHave an issue with your storage hot water system? Well to get the very best solution for your hot water system troubles, contact the hot water system experts from Metropolitan Plumbing. We have a team of highly trained, licensed hot water heater professionals, who are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Metropolitan Plumbing can have a plumber to your door within 60 minutes*to fix your hot water system woes before you know it.

Storage hot water system uses a tank to store heated water in, so that there’s a volume of readily available hot water ready to use when needed. Our storage hot water systems come in gas, electric and solar models, and represent a good choice for large hot water needs, such as in a household with many children or other residents. However they can also waste a lot of energy if you don’t have the right tank size. When you need to buy a new storage hot water system, or you need an existing one repaired, contact Metropolitan Plumbing and we’ll be able to make sure you get the best results.

How does a storage hot water system actually work?

Storage hot water systems provide fast access to hot water. They us a tank to keep water at a constant temperature. Tanks vary in size, from 25 litres, all the way up to 400, and different tank sizes will be better for different applications.

If you have only few people to service, then a medium sized tank will be best. For a lot, you’ll need a larger one. If it’s only you, then a small tank will be fine.

Hot water will naturally rise to the top of the tank, so water is drawn from here when needed. As hot water is taken from a storage hot water system, it’s replaced with new cold water. The temperature change is detected by a sensor. Depending on the fuel source, model and tariff you’ve got, the burner will switch on straight away, or later to heat the water back up to the set temperature. Since there’s almost no interference with storage hot water heaters, hot water will come out at the faucet at very close to mains pressure. This means you can have multiple hot taps on and not lose water pressure or heat.

It is important to choose the right hot water heater for your household. Choosing the incorrect tank size, or even deciding to use a storage hot water system when a more efficient hot water type, will result in wasted energy to heat the water. Every plumber from Metropolitan Plumbing is highly trained on all of the hot water units currently available on the market. They can provide accurate and up to date information to help you make the right decision.

We Install a Variety of Systems

Some of the Mains Pressure Hot Water Systems that Metropolitan Plumbing install and service include:

I need work done with my storage hot water system. Can you do it?

If you’ve just gone to have a nice, relaxing bath or shower after work, only to find there’s no hot water, you’ll need to contact Metropolitan Plumbing straight away. No matter what the problem is or what’s required to fix it, we’ll be able to have one of our extensively trained, licensed hot water heater specialists come around to your home or business to repair or replace any brand or fuel source storage hot water system. We make sure all our hot water systems experts have everything they need for even the toughest job, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

When your storage hot water system isn’t working properly, or isn’t working at all, your attending Metropolitan Plumbing hot water system professional will be able to accurately assess the situation to determine the best course of action. If the problem isn’t too serious, he’ll be able to repair your storage hot water system no sweat. He’ll have a huge range of spare parts in his van, so he should have everything he needs right from the start. If the problem is beyond repair, you’ll need a full appliance replacement. Metropolitan Plumbing can source and install all of the most popular brands and models of storage hot water systems, so this job is no problem either. Just tell us what you want, and we’ll get it and then install it all on the same day.

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