Leda continuous flow gas hot water

The Leda solar hot water systems are designed to produce superior solar efficiency, that offers the choice of electric or gas boosting. They aim by designing these systems to slash the greenhouse consumption, that reduces the households CO2 output by 2 tones. The system not only saves the consumer money but also reduces the dependence on the more traditional and expensive gas and electricity. Leda is a slimline black anodised aluminium roof panels that separate ground mounted storage tanks. Designed to combine thermal efficiency with easy installations, they are available in 270 Litre, 349 litre and a 450 Litre, either in gas and electric, with a auxiliary boost to help provide a little extra hot water when in need.

They are ideal for both small and lager families, the tanks features a thick 3mm tempered glass along with the solid enamel lining that contributes to the prevention of corrosion and help to maintain the systems longevity. All Leda systems are Australian are all owned, certified and manufactured. They have a high 6 start energy rating, the continuous flow designed has a 20 and 26 litre per minute models that come in wither natural gas or propane/LPG types. Its designed is aimed to minimise the gas and water waste, it is 100% solar compatible and can also be configured for commercial applications. It also has a frost protection as well as an electronic ignition. If the system that has been installed drops below 4 degrees a frost valve is required. It has a pre-set of 50 degrees upon most models which has a 10 year exchanger warranty and 3 years warranty on parts and labour.


Leda continuous flow gas hot water system

Model                                   LS2720VI24P                                       L3420VI24P                                         L4530VI24P

Tank storage                      270L                                                       340L                                                       450L

Height                                   1169mm                                               1711mm                                               1733mm

Weight                                 84kg                                                       98kg                                                       131kg

Booster                                3.6W                                                      3.6W                                                      3.6W

It is also important when replacing hot water systems that we pay attention to the type and size that’s for the right hot water system for your location such as the stainless steel is not suitable for certain water qualities, types such as hard water and bore water. The first step is to take a look at the existing unit you have, asking yourself is this still suitable for the family and or home. How many bathrooms are at the property, number of people using the hot water at the same time, the age brackets the people living there, number of dishwashers/washing machines or baths and how regularly is it being used.

Also if you plan to be away from home from a short period of time such as a day or two, AquaMax suggest you leave the water heater switched on. However, if you plan to be away more than a few nights, to conserve energy you can switch the water heater off at either the switchboard or isolating switch (if one is installed).

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