Rheem 170L Gas Storage

Rheem is the leading manufacturer of hot water systems in Australia, and has been ever since they started making water heaters locally in 1939. Their popularity is due to their trusted reputation, their extensive range of hot water systems, and their network of service agents across the country. Rheem has a large range of solar, continuous flow, gas storage and electric storage hot water systems and there is a unit to suit each and every household.

The Rheem 170L is a gas storage hot water system that is suitable for small to medium sized households. It has a storage capacity of 170 litres with a high recovery rate of 113 litres per hour. This means that the system is capable of producing 287 litres of hot water in the first hour of operation. This is sufficient hot water for households of three to five people, and the fast recovery rate means that there is less time to wait for the water to reheat between showers. The 170L hot water system uses mains pressure, meaning that there is enough hot water pressure to run more than one hot tap at once. Houses with more than one bathroom will find that they have enough hot water pressure to run two showers at the same time.

Rheem 170L Gas Storage Hot Water System
The Rheem 170L has the following features:

  • Model number – 347170N0/P0
  • Number of people – 3-5
  • Storage capacity – 170 litres
  • Installation type – external only
  • Gas type – NG/LPG
  • Energy rating – 4 stars
  • Recovery rate at 45°C rise – 113 litres/hour
  • Hourly gas consumption – 274 MJ/hour
  • Relief valve setting – 1400 kPa
  • Expansion control valve setting – 1200 kPa
  • Maximum water supply pressure with ECV – 960 kPa
  • Maximum water supply pressure without ECV – 1120 kPa
  • Warranty on cylinder – 7 years

  • Unit height – 1858mm
  • Unit width – 422mm
  • Unit depth – 502mm
  • Unit weight when empty – 69 kg

The Rheem 170L is reasonably energy efficient and suitable for people who are on a budget. It has an energy rating of 4 stars, and it uses less gas than older 3 star hot water systems. Anyone switching from an older less energy efficient hot water system will notice the savings on their energy expenses. The system is available in either natural gas or LPG. Natural gas is a good option for those on a budget, as it is a highly efficient form of clean energy and has far less greenhouse emissions.

The Rheem 170L is designed to be an easy replacement for older gas hot water systems. It has the same fittings as common older 3 star gas models, allowing for quick and easy replacement and saving money on installation costs. The system has been designed especially for Australia’s tough conditions, and has been designed and manufacturing with Rheem’s 70 years of experience and knowledge.

Rheem offer generous warranties on all of their high quality hot water systems. They are confident that their extensive experience in the industry means that their systems will last, even in our tough local conditions. The Rheem 170L has a seven year parts warranty on the cylinder of the unit. Additionally, Rheem offer a one year parts and labour warranty on all other components of the hot water system.

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