Rheem Electrical 250L Electrical

The brand Rheem aims to provide reliable, efficient water heating in all domestic and commercial purposes. It has a long trusted based with over 70 years of hot water heater experience and. They offer a wide variety of high quality electric and gas water heaters that have a well-deserved reputation.

The Rheem electric 250L 111250 hot water system is a system that is the ideal machine for the people who have a small family home that are on budget. They are simple to install and is the most popular and most recommended unit when replacing an existing electric unit consisting of a single element. They heat quickly and are great inexpensive option to model that are similar but higher in price. Most of these types of unit have a warranty up to 7 years. This specific unit not only has long self-life if serviced on time and kept cleaned, but it also specifically designed to save money by providing and non-and – off energy rates that provide instant hot water to several taps at the same time in one household. It suitable for installation both indoors and outdoors.

The unit is back by a 5-7 year cylinder warranty, 3 year warranty on the labour of the cylinder and 1 year warranty on labour of the parts and any other components.  It has a mains pressure that IS produces hot water from multiple taps and showers at the time in one household. It has a money saving element that contributes to the money saving during the off peak period.

Rheem Electrical 250L 111250

Height 1395

Width 640mm

Heating capacity 4.8 Kw

Relief valve setting 1000KPA

Expansion control valve setting 850KPA

Maximum mains supply pressure 680-800kpa

The Rheem Electrical 250L is designed to operate at the mains pressure, connecting the the mains water supply directly. The tanks itself is constructed with a vitreous enamel lined. The water for the booster is stored in the storage tank the can be heated up by and electric booster heating unit. It is controlled by an electric thermostat, it is automatically controlled when the booster heating unit is energised. It has minimum temperature setting of 60 degree and the maximum temperature setting of 75 degrees.

When it comes to choosing the best suitable appliance for your location it is a great idea to make sure you have a fully qualified plumber that is able to guarantee the hot water system is the correct decisions for your requirements. With Metropolitan Plumbing all of our plumbers are fully qualified with over 5 years of experience in the field and take pride with their workman ship and effect of every job they do and have the great mind set to make sure they do not leave the  customers address until the customer is completely satisfied with the job. One of the best advantages with Metropolitan Plumbing is that we do offer interest free payment plans as we always strive to provide the absolute best services as possible.


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