Rheem Hot Water System

Rheem is considered to be one of Australia’s leading hot water system companies. Providing hot water all over Australia for the last 80 years. Rheem is highly recommended by many of our plumbers. The Rheem hot water system manufacturers do the full range of  systems for both home and commercial uses. Among the hot water systems provided by Rheem include electric storage systems, gas storage systems, gas continuous flow systems, solar systems including booster systems for attachment, and heat pumps.


Rheem Hot Water System and Metropolitan Plumbing

The plumbers will work in conjunction with Rheem to provide the most affordable service for your household every time. By using our long standing brand name and one of our licensed plumbers as your middle man, you are ensuring you receive the most affordable price with the best length of warranty available. This is because we are one of Rheem’s best customers. Meaning we can negotiate a good price for our customers. Also, by having a licensed plumber install and regularly service the system, the warranty will not be voided on a technical error.

One of the many types of Rheem hot water systems commonly ordered by our customers, includes the gas continuous flow systems. This particular system requires that the installation have a plumber qualified in both gas and plumbing. Luckily, all our plumbers are experienced in both those areas. Furthermore, often the installation includes a powerpoint for the ignition. Almost all our plumbers hold a restricted B license in electrical work to enable themselves to do so.

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