RheemThe Metropolitan Plumbing team consists of a wide range of people who essentially work together as one big happy family. This is the core of the company. We like to say that we deal in services and people rather than plumbing products. Hence, our customers are always number one just as the people in the business is by far our most important investment. As such, the plumbers working for the company work on a by service basis rather than by commission basis. Their evaluations are based heavily on customer feedback rather than revenue. We have found that having a solid service foundation ensures that all the other pieces of the puzzle fall into place easily.


We also work together will all the different brand that make plumbing appliances to make sure that our customers receive the best products and have a wide range to choose from. Once again, we refuse to work with companies who want us to make up contracts by commission as this takes away from our plumbers impartiality leading to a lower standard of service. This is not something which Metropolitan Plumbing is willing to compromise on.

All the plumbers who attend at jobs for the company are employees of the company and so customers are assured that all work is fully warrantied. While it is uncommon for us to ever be called back to a job, it is definitely reassuring for the customer to know that they will not be left in the lurch in the unlikely event that anything should go wrong. By having a guarantee system that is tied to a long standing company such as Metropolitan Plumbing, it also assures that customers always have a point of call even after a plumber has retired or left the company or any such circumstances.

The plumbers of Metropolitan Plumbing are all fully qualified and licensed plumbers. They have been hand-picked from the best plumbers in any one local area and then given further training so that they are experts in the area of emergency and maintenance plumbing and gas services. They are also given continual training through our training team so that they are always up to date with the latest in plumbing technology, products and practical knowledge. Amongst the courses strongly focused on includes knowledge on hot water systems as this area of plumbing is constantly changing and we only want the best and most affordable for our customers.

One popular brand which is also highly recommended by many of our plumbers it the Rheem brand. This brand of hot water system makers do the full range of hot water systems both for home as well as commercial uses. Amongst the types of hot water systems provided by the Rheem brand and supplied and installed by Metropolitan Plumbing include electric storage systems, gas storage systems, gas continuous flow systems, solar systems including booster systems for attachment, and heat pumps. This full range of products are intimately known by our plumbers besides being available in a short period to be provided to our customers as soon as possible.

As previously mentioned, none of our plumbers are paid by the Rheem brand or work on a by commission basis which means that our customer have access to an impartial fountain of knowledge with every attendance by one of our plumbers. Not only will they give advice on the best type of system to service the household based on size and usage, they are also all local to the area which means that they have first-hand knowledge of all the idiosyncrasies of climate, how the gas and water pressures work in a particular area and can customize each job to best fit our customers. For example they can advise on whether the solar hot water system you are installing will receive a return you expect depending on the amount of sun in your area, or whether changing to a gas system from an electrical system is advisable based on the reliability of services to the area.

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The plumbers will work in conjunction with Rheem to provide the most affordable service for your household every single time. Be using our long standing brand name and one of our licensed plumbers as your middle man, you are ensuring that you receive the most affordable price with the best length of warranty available. This is because we are one of Rheem’s best customers meaning that we can negotiate a good price for our customers and by having a licensed plumber install and regularly service the system, the warranty will not be voided on a technical error.

Amongst the many types of Rheem hot water systems commonly ordered for supply and install by our customers includes the gas continuous flow systems which come in a whole range of sizes. Once again, this is where our plumber steps in to advise on the best option for the customer. This particular system requires that the installation have a plumber qualified in both gas and plumbing. Luckily all our plumbers are experienced in both those areas. Furthermore, often the installation includes a power point for the ignition. Almost all our plumbers hold a restricted B license in electrical work to enable to do so. All this training is done at the company’s expense. By doing so, we ensure that we only provide a premium service in terms of quality and quickness so that none of our customers are ever left without hot water for any more than a few hours once we have been called.

In order to book in a job to have a plumber attend at a property, our customers can simply call up on 1300 367 333. They will have their call answered by one of our friendly call centre staff who will then aid them into making a booking for them straightaway. The plumbers are usually at their doorstep on the same day if not in the same hour unless otherwise advised by the customer. Alternately, customer can also make a booking through our website which is really simple besides giving them the opportunity of taking advantage of any specials on offer at the time. These offers are constantly updated and is definitely worthwhile where home maintenance plumbing is concerned.

The plumbers then attend each job in fully equipped vans, always in a smart uniform so that our customers are assured an excellent level of professionalism and high work ethics besides having the job done quickly, efficiently and most importantly correctly. They are assured of this through our warranty policy which means that no customer is ever left in the lurch whenever our plumber has attended. While there is hardly ever an occasion for re-attendance, our guarantee certainly gives peace of mind to our customers.

Further to that, we have worked hard in order to prepare plans that will ensure minimal out of pocket costs to our customers and providing services that will be cheaper in the long run rather than compromising on quality to begin with. For example we have work intimately with Certegy to provide an interest free payment plan for qualified customers so that they can have any job done hassle free. Even better, the plumbers have all paperwork ready to go and can walk the customer through the filling out process step by step.