Image result for rheemlogoThe Rheem Solar 511161 160 Litre hot water unit is a great very energy efficient hot water unit for smaller families with up to 4 people. The compact design collector is discretely mounted on to the roof with the 160 litre tank being ground mounted. The ground mounted tank design means the tank can easily be hidden out of sight. The tank itself is suitable for installation both in an indoor and outdoor application whereas the solar panels will need to be mounted on the roof ideally in the direction that will receive the most sunlight. In times of high hot water demand or on a day where the sun is not out to produce energy via the solar panels the gas booster will ensure you are enjoy a constant flow of hot water.

The solar panels mounted on the roof are made from high quality products to ensure that it is able to absorb as much energy as possible for the sun. This makes for a much more energy efficient option and will ensure your energy bills are reduced as you will not need to rely on the gas booster much at all. With a 6 star energy efficiency rating you can expect to be saving anywhere from 65 to 70 percent on your water heating energy consumption.

The panels also come with the latest technology of frost protection – the water is circulated through the panels via an electronic control. The sensor will automatically sense if the water temperature dramatically drops at this stage the automatic electronic circulator will kick in and stop the water from freezing and bursting the panel. This will ensure the panels will not become damaged in times where the temperature drops. This is an ideal option for areas that have extremely cold conditions. The water that is stored inside of the solar storage tank will be kept somewhere between the safe zone of 65 to 75 degrees.


Rheem Solar 160 Litre hot water unit Model: 511161

Product specifications:

Tank dimensions:

height – 1615 mm

diameter – 480 mm

Solar collectors dimensions:

Length: 1130 mm

Width: 2285 mm

Weight of empty tank: 52 kg

Weight of full tank: 217 kg

Weight of solar collector empty: 47 kg

Weight of solar collector full: 55 kg

The Rheem Stellar 511161 unit has been designed and manufactured with convenience in mind it comes with a flex and plug this will ensure the tradesperson completing the installation will not need to complete any hardwiring on the unit. This reduces installation time in turn reducing the installation costs. This hot water unit must be installed by a licensed tradesperson.

5 year warranty on the solar hot water unit will provide you peace of mind should anything go wrong with your new hot water unit. This great manufacturer’s warranty also includes 3 years labour and parts.