Rinnai B16

Rinnai are a leading brand of hot water systems, and have been supplying Australians with their appliances for over 40 years. They provide reliable and highly efficient systems with low emission technology, and also have excellent after sales support. Customers can be confident that they are investing in a hot water system from a well-respected brand with excellent quality products.

The Rinnai B16 is a continuous flow gas hot water system that is suitable for smaller households with one bathroom. Continuous flow hot water systems only heat the water when it was required and have the benefit of never running out of water, unlike traditional storage hot water systems. The Rinnai B16 is capable of producing 16 litres of hot water every minute, which is sufficient hot water pressure for a one bathroom home. Anyone in a small household that would like be confident that they will never run out of water again will find that this is the idea unit for them. As long as there is gas, electricity and water connected to the house, there will always be hot water available when the hot tap is switched on.

The Rinnai B16 has the benefit of being extremely energy efficient, with a high energy rating of 6 stars. This makes it an ideal hot water system for those that are on a budget and would like to see reductions of their energy costs. Because continuous flow systems only heat the water when it is needed rather than heating the water and storing it, you are only paying for the energy required. Households switching from gas or electric storage hot water systems will especially notice a difference on their energy bills. This system would also appeal to those who are conscious of their impact on the environment. Having a highly energy efficient hot water system results in substantially less greenhouse gas emissions.

Rinnai B16 Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water System
The Rinnai B16 has the following features:


  • Model number – REU-VR1620WB
  • Energy rating – 6 stars
  • Hot water capacity at 25°C rise – 16 litres/minute
  • Minimum flow rate – 2.3 litres/minute
  • Maximum flow rate – 20 litres/minute
  • Installation type – external
  • Gas type – NG/LPG
  • Gas consumption – 14-125 MJ/hour
  • Maximum output – 28 kW
  • Ignition – electric
  • Antifrost – standard
  • Unit colour – neutral Dune
  • Warranty on heat exchanger – 10 years

  • Unit height – 530mm
  • Unit height including brackets – 571mm
  • Unit width – 350mm
  • Unit depth – 194mm
  • Unit weight – 15 kg

The compact size of the Rinnai B16 makes it the ideal hot water system for households with limited space. Small apartments, townhouses and units will find that this unit easily fits outside even if the outdoor environment has limited space. The unit’s small size also allows for easy and flexible installation, resulting in lower installation costs. The B16 features Rinnai’s high quality Japanese manufacturing and design. There are also optional controllers available to be installed with the unit. Temperature controllers allow you to get the most out of the hot water system by selecting an exact temperature, and up to four controllers are able to be installed.

Rinnai offer generous warranties on all of their hot water systems because they are confident that their high quality appliances will last. The Rinnai B16 has a 10 year warranty on the heat exchanger, with a three year parts and labour warranty on all other components of the unit. If the customer chooses to install two or more water controllers with the system, then Rinnai will extend the parts and labour warranty to five years.

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