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Rinnai Continuous Flow Infinity 32 Hot Water Heater- Model REU-VRM3237WG-AK Price

Metropolitan Plumbing has a long standing as a trusted brand in plumbing services. The plumbers cover a full range of services including gas work and any pipe work. This is inclusive of the smallest jobs such as leaking taps all through to large ones such as replacement of hot water systems and rain water tanks as well as refreshing plumbing and gas lines. The plumbers are also fully qualified to give recommendations and advise on replacement, supplying and installing hot water systems whether to replace a currently dysfunctional one or a brand new one to a property. This always includes a full installation up to the point of completion where the customer is sure that the unit is fully functional and running.

Amongst the brands commonly supplied and installed by the plumbers from Metropolitan Plumbing includes the Rinnai brand which is particularly popular with those wanting a system that runs on electricity as opposed to the more popular gas hot water systems these days. The Rinnai brand are also makers of gas hot water systems and while having been one of the lasts to infiltrate the market, they have probably done so deliberately to ensure that their technology is top-notch when they went public.

The plumbers from Metropolitan Plumbing have no problem installing the full range of Rinnai products. Not only are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year, they are also all fully qualified plumbers and have their licenses completely up to date. They undergo continuing education under the company’s training umbrella and so have no trouble whatsoever whenever a new product comes on the market. The Rinnai products have been known to be particularly tricky with installation and yet none of the plumbers from Metropolitan Plumbing have had trouble with them.

The Rinnai range comes in a full range of all the latest products. All of these products are available to the plumbers from Metropolitan Plumbing. They are also not paid a commission by the brand name to sell their products, so while having full access and knowledge of the products they can give an impartial opinion on what would best suit the customer. This has been obviously a selling point for a lot of our customers as they have on numerous occasions given positive feedback on the choices made and advice given by our plumbers on hot water systems as they were not actively trying to sell a product but rather their first point to provide an excellent service to all of our customer.

Whether you are looking for a storage hot water system for you busy family or a small continuous unit for that bachelor pad, Rinnai and Metropolitan Plumbing have the answers for you. In order to receive a full evaluation, advice and have the job done hassle-free by one of the plumbers, all that needs to be done is to call up on 1300 367 333. On the other end of the line one of our friendly call staff will be able to guide you through making a booking with our of our hot water system experts.

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