Rinnai 250L Hot Flow Electric Storage

The Rinnai brand has been manufacturing and providing Australian households with quality made Hot Water Systems of all types for over 40 years. Rinnai’s innovative and latest technology hot water heater design provides year round comfort, reliability and convenience to meet the needs of the customer. Whilst also keeping in mind the environmental effects, that’s why their hot water systems are all designed to produce low emissions and high efficiency energy output, as well as a wide range of other great features that makes it a brand above the rest!

The 250 Litre Rinnai Hot flow Electric storage unit keeps the largest of families in one household fully supplied with plenty of hot water on demand. Stored in its super-sized tank with no loss of pressure even when multiple water outlets are being used at the same time. This unit is also well known for its very effective and 5 star energy efficient features that easily meet the hot water demands of any large household without hassle.

This super-sized 250 Litre tank is made in Australia and made from a very strong vitreous enamel that is also steel lined for added durability for a longer life span of use. It has the added bonus of an inbuilt anode for the protection of the heater that also assists with extending the life of the storage tank too. The unit delivers a strong consistent flow of 3121 Litres of water in the first hour and has a recovery rate of 621 Litres during the storage tanks heating cycle’s litres per hours.

Rinnai Hot Flow 250 Litre Electric Storage Hot Water System
Rinnai 250 Litre Specifications:

  • Electrical Supply – AC 240V 50 Hz
  • Tank Diameter – 617mm
  • Heating Elements Available – 3.6 kW
  • Weight Empty – 88kg
  • Overall Height – 1444mm
  • Height – Hot water outlet – 1231mm
  • Height – Cold water inlet – 215mm
  • Electrical Connection Height – 125mm
  • Relief Valve Setting – 850 kPa
  • Expansion Control Valve Setting – 700 kPa
  • Supply Pressure – with Expansion Control Valve – 550 kPa
  • Supply Pressure – without Expansion Control Valve – 680 kPa
  • Water Connections – RP 3/4 | 20mm
  • Rated Capacity – 250L
  • Ingress Protection Rating (AS1939) – IPX4

The Rinnai Hot Flow 250 litre electric storage hot water system is conveniently suited for both internal and external use, and is also dual handled to allow extra flexibility when installing the new system to the home. The Rinnai unit comes with a pressure relief valve already included and has the added safety feature of being thermostatically controlled with a safety temperature shut off mechanism to give the buyer added piece of mind. Especially for those with small children and/or the elderly that are at risk of scalding.

The Rinnai electric storage hot water unit can come with either a single or twin element configuration, and has standard sizing that is perfect for an emergency changeover. Due to Rinnai being located in Victoria, Australia, it makes the accessibility of a complete range of components and parts e.g. elements and anodes, easy to purchase if required or needed. The 250 Litre unit comes with a 7 year warranty on the water heaters cylinder and a one year warranty on all parts and labor. Just another reason why Rinnai is class leading in the hot water system production industry for quality and durability.


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