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Metropolitan Plumbing has become a long standing and trusted brand in plumbing services. The plumbers cover a full range of services including gas work and any pipe work. This is inclusive of the smallest jobs, such as leaking taps to larger ones such as replacement of hot water systems and rain water tanks. The plumbers are also fully qualified to give recommendations and advise on any hot water replacements or supplying and installing hot water systems. This always includes a full installation, where the customer is sure that the unit is fully functional and running. Metropolitan Plumbing can install your next Rinnai hot water system.

Why choose Rinnai

Rinnai is commonly supplied and installed by our plumbers. Especially with those wanting a system that runs on electricity as opposed to the popular gas systems these days. The Rinnai brand are also manufacturers of gas hot water systems.

The Rinnai range comes in a full range of all the latest products. All of these products are available to the plumbers from Metropolitan Plumbing. So, as they have full access and knowledge of the products, they can give an impartial opinion on what would best suit the customer. This has proven to be a positive outcome, as shown from the feedback on the choices made and advice given by our plumbers. Customers found they were not actively trying to sell a product but rather shown that their aim is to provide an excellent service to all of our customer.


Why Metropolitan Plumbing is your first choice

All attending plumbers are not only fully qualified and licensed in gas and plumbing services, they also arrive in a fully equipped van. Hence, they arrive at every job with the intention of fixing the job up straight away. 

Our plumbers are also able to undertake any supply and installation of hot water systems. They are able to apply their local knowledge to give the best advice on units that will suit the climate from all the different types of units. For example, they can advise on whether an anti-frost solar unit is needed or whether a house will be able to support a new gas line as opposed to taking advantage of the current electrical connection.

Payment Plans

We understand that a new hot water system can be a costly adventure. This is why Metropolitan Plumbing offers one of the best plans for installation through a Certegy payment plan. Qualified customers are able to apply for an interest free plan through Certegy, so that there is almost zero out of pocket cost for the job to be completed. Furthermore, the plumbers carry all the necessary paperwork on board and can go through the entire process step by step with the customer. More often than not, everything is completed on the same day and the plumber is able to carry out the job in full within a few hours.


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