My Rinnai hot water system is showing ‘error code 25’, what does this mean?

If your Rinnai hot water system is displaying an error code 25 this usually indicates that the condensate pipe has a blockage in it. Having a fully functioning condensate pipe is imperative to the correct functioning of your hot water system. The purpose of the pipe is to cool down the heated water vapour, returning back into its liquid state in order to deliver a constant source of hot water to your home. The condensate pipe on your hot water system can quite easily become blocked and can also stop working if it is affected by cold temperatures.

What can I do to solve an ‘error 25’ on my Rinnai hot water unit?

According to Rinnai manufacturer guidelines, if your hot water system is experiencing a blocked condensate pipe it is recommended that a certified tradesperson is called out to fix the problem. However there are a few simple troubleshooting steps that you can follow yourself before booking in a service call.

You can start by locating the condensate line and inspecting it for any obvious damage or blockages that may be causing the problem. If the pipe itself appears to be unaffected, you can check the condensate trap to see if there is any blockages or damage occurring there. If this all seems complicated or these steps are not successful, don’t stress, just give Metropolitan Plumbing a call on 1300 367 333 and we’ll get it sorted.

Fortunately Metropolitan Plumbing have fully qualified gas plumbers available to assist you with all of you hot water needs. All of our plumbers are fully qualified and have years of experience repairing and replacing all models of Rinnai hot water units.  

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