My Rinnai hot water system is showing an ‘error 31’ code, what does this mean?

An error 31 code on your Rinnai hot water system indicates that there is a fault occurring with the burner thermocouple on your unit. The thermocouple is an electric device that acts as a sensor used to monitor the water temperature within you hot water unit. Having a functioning thermocouple device is essential for your Rinnai hot water system to operate effectively.

What can I do to fix an ‘error 31’ code on my Rinnai unit?

Diagnosing and fixing a thermocouple issue on your hot water unit is not an easy task, however there a few basic troubleshooting steps you can follow to attempt to fix you thermocouple issues on your own.

Firstly, the fire manifold pressure settings need to be checked to ensure they are set at the appropriate levels for your unit. Secondly, check that all of the dip switches are set in the correct position on the unit’s PC board. Finally, you will need to check the milli-volt (mV) reading on the thermocouple to ensure it is in the appropriate range.

Often if the reading is below 8mV on the thermocouple, this indicates that there is low gas pressure leading to the thermocouple. Tthis will require a qualified technician in order to be repaired.

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