My hot water system is showing ‘error code 32’ what does this mean?

A number 32 error code on your Rinnai hot water system indicates that the water temperature sensor is experiencing a fault. This sensor can become faulty for a number of reasons such as faulty wiring to the sensor or damage to the sensor itself.

How can I fix this error code?

The first thing to check for is any loose wire or damaged connections leading from sensor (also known as a thermistor) to the PC board. If these connections appear to be normal, turn the hot water system off and drain the tank so you can remove the thermistor and check if there is any build up covering it which may affect its function. After the sensor has been cleaned it needs to be replaced back within the unit and reconnected. The resistance reading to the sensor device can also be checked to ensure it calibrated to the right setting, however this usually requires a trained professional to interpret and fix the problem.

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