Rinnai Infinity 16L Gas Unit

The Rinnai infinity 16 litre gas hot water unit produces 16 litres of hot water every minute. The small compact hot water system is one of the best choices on the market. Producing nothing but hot water the system has low running costs, it has high efficiency and also low greenhouse gas emissions. The system has a sleek Japanese design and also has a precise temperature control which is perfect for safety and also convenience. The system has a lengthy 12 year warranty. Having the huge 6.2 energy star rating the Rinnai infinity 16 litre is one of the best.

The Rinnai infinity 16 gas hot water system has a high 6.2 energy star rating. This is a bonus as it helps thousands of Australian families save on their gas and water bills daily. The system has low running cost is also highly efficient and a huge bonus is that it is the system has low greenhouse gas emission.

The lengthy 12 year cylinder manufacture warranty means if anything was to go incorrect with the system in that time there would always be someone there ready to help and fix the hot water system for you. This put customer’s minds at rest as there is always someone there to help out.

The Rinnai infinity 16 gas hot water unit is external installation only. The bonus with an external installed hot water system is that it is installed out the way of everyday living. The system is the colour white. This blend in with all other every day appliances. It is easy on the eye and the pipe work is all hidden, the system also comes with a recess box to cover anything that is not pretty looking. The small compact hot unit services around one bathroom it is perfect for apartments, small kitchens, office and studios.


Rinnai infinity 16 litre gas hot water system
Some of the main features the Rinnai infinity 16 gas hot water system have that make the system better than the rest are as listed below:


  • Low running costs
  • 12 year warranty
  • Compact design
  • Low greenhouse gas emission
  • very efficient
  • Japanese sleek design and manufactured
  • 2 energy star rating
  • Natural gas and LPG

  • Maximum water supply pressure- 1000kPa
  • Minimum water supply pressure 120kPa
  • Pre-set temperature- 50/60 degrees
  • Gas connection – 20 (3/4”)
  • Hot water connection – 15 (1/2”)


  • Height- 530mm
  • Width – 350mm
  • Depth- 194mm
  • Weight- 15kg

These are just some of the main features that make the Rinnai 16 infinity gas hot water system one of the best on the market. Once the system is purchased and installed there are many more amazing features ready to be discovered.

If you are looking to replace, upgrade or even just purchase a brand new system. The Rinnai 16 Infinity is a perfect option for all Australian families. With the reliable brand name every Australian family can rely on the constant flow of hot water.


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