Rinnai Infinity 26 Gas Hot Water System

The Rinnai Infinity 26 gas hot water system produces 26 Litres of hot water every minute. The small, compact system produces a lot more hot water than expected and the medium system is perfect for families with two to three bathrooms. 

This system also has a lengthy 12 year manufactures warranty on the cylinder itself. If anything was to go wrong with the hot water system there would always be someone there ready to help you repair it. The manufacture are able to send someone out at all hours of the day to fix any issues that may occur with the system.

Rinnai Infinity 26 gas hot water system comes with a unique wireless temperature control technology. The wireless controller is now always supplied with the unit, giving you a precise temperature that you can control in the palm of your own had.

The system has a 6.1 energy rating. This is high up on the scale, meaning the system is low cost running. It has a high efficiency and also a low greenhouse gas emission. The system saves Australian families thousands on water and gas bills every day.

It is an externally installed system. The bonus with with this is they are not in the way of everyday living as they are stored outside and out of the way. The champagne pearl coloured unit means that the system blend in with all other everyday appliances and is easy on the eye and does not stand out.

Some of the main features that the Rinnai Infinity 26 gas hot water system has are as listed below:


  • Low running cost
  • 12 year warranty
  • High efficiency
  • Low greenhouse gas emissions
  • Compact design
  • External installation
  • Champagne pearl unit colour


  • Factory default temperature – 50 or 60 Degrees Celsius
  • Water pressure minimum – 200kPa
  • Water pressure maximum- 1000kPa
  • Star rating 6.1


  • Height- 503mm
  • Width- 356mm
  • Depth – 202mm
  • Weight- 16kg
  • Height including brackets – 571mm
  • Hot water outlet from wall – 87mm
  • Hot water outlet from left from centre – 105mm
  • Cold water inlet from wall – 68mm
  • Cold water inlet from right from centre – 10mm
  • Gas connection from wall – 77mm
  • Gas connection right from centre – 83mm
  • Gas connection length from base – 40mm
  • Cold connection length from base – 50

The infinity range comes in a variety of sizing, with the smallest unit being 16 Litres and the largest unit being 32 Litres. There is a size that can be suited for every family and household.

These are just some of the main features that makes the Rinnai Infinity 26 gas hot water system one of the best brands for Australian families. If you are looking to upgrade, replace or even just purchase a new hot water system then call us on 1300 367 333.


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