Image result for rinnai logoRinnai is one of the largest manufacturers of gas appliances in the world. The company was founded in Japan in 1920, and has been making hot water systems since 1964. Rinnai has now been providing Australians with reliable hot water systems for over 40 years. They are a large name in the industry and customers are able to trust that they will be purchasing a product of excellent quality. Rinnai is also environmentally conscious, producing efficient systems with low emission.

The Rinnai Solar 20 REU-VR1620WS-AK is a gas boosted continuous flow unit that is used along with Rinnai solar hot water systems. It is a dedicated gas booster unit and must be used in conjunction with either Rinnai Prestige or Sunmaster solar systems. The unit cannot be used as a standalone unit for supplying hot water.

The Rinnai Solar 20 is ideal for any household with a solar hot water system to ensure that the hot water never runs out, even when there is limited sunlight and high demand for hot water. This type of system is suitable for anyone who wants to be confident that they will never run out of hot water again, whether that be a single person household or a large family. Many people are increasingly choosing solar hot water systems in order to help save the environment, as well as to save money and energy. Having a solar boost unit allows those with solar systems to be reassured that they will never again be without hot water. As long as electricity, gas and water are connected, there will always be hot water available.


Rinnai Solar 20 Gas Boosted Continuous Flow REU-VR1620WS-AK

The Rinnai Solar 20 has the following features:


  • Model number – REU-VR1620WS-AK
  • Colour – Dune
  • Flow rate at 25°C rise – 16L/min
  • Flow rate at 20°C rise – 20L/min
  • Maximum water pressure – 1000 kPa
  • Minimum water pressure – 160 kPa
  • Temperature (factory default) – 70°C
  • Sizes of connections gas/hot/cold – 20/20/20mm
  • NG gas rate min/max – 14/125
  • LPG gas rate min/max – 14/125
  • Flow rate 25 degrees x/max: l/min – 16/20


  • Unit height – 530mm
  • Unit width – 350mm
  • Unit depth – 194mm
  • Unit height including brackets – 571mm

The Rinnai Solar 20 is a compact unit with quality Japanese design. Its compact size allows for installation flexibility, meaning that it is suitable for any property and it saves both floor and wall space. The Solar 20 is so compact due to the fact that it is a fan-assisted room sealed appliance. The unit also has electronic ignition with no pilot light, meaning that when the hot water tap is off, no gas is being used. The fact that gas is only used when it is in operation will help reduce energy costs. In addition, the operating noise of the unit is very quiet and the Smartstart system is able to pre-heat the water in the pipework which results in saving water and less time waiting for hot water to come out of the tap. The unit is also capable of precise temperature control, which aids both in safety and convenience, and it is compatible with shower fixtures that are low flow rated.

Anyone who decides to purchase the Rinnai Solar 20 can be confident that they are buying from a manufacturer with an excellent reputation that provides generous warranties on their products. The REU-VR1620WS-AK has a 12 year warranty on its heat exchanger, meaning customers are able to know that the system will last a long time. In addition, Rinnai offer a 3 year warranty on all other components of the Solar 20 water heater. Rinnai also have excellent after sales support with service technicians for their products throughout Australia.