Therman 135L Gas Storage 

The Therman 135 Litre gas storage hot water system is a 4 star rating that is ideal for 3-5 people. It has an adjustable thermostat that allows for consistent water supply as well as efficiency and the control of the operating costs and its performance. It is available in either natural gas or Lpg. The way the unit works is the cold water enters the storage tank at the bottom. Where a gas burner heats the water. The exhaust fumes are realised using a flu. As the water heats, it rises to the top of the tank.

The tank is only installed outdoors, where the water heater must be installed with the minimum clearances, it is also recommended with it to have a plth installed under the water heater where it can be subject to wet conditions. It should be located as close as possible to the most frequently used hot water outlet. The cylinder has a 7 year warranty with 1 year sapre parts and labour warranty.

Therman 135 Litre Gas Storage

Height -1601mm

Width -422mm

Depth -502mm

Capacity -135 ltr

Relief valve Pressure 1400 kpa

Recovery rate at 45 degrees per hour – 130

Factors to consider in determining your hot water needs:

  • The number of bathrooms or people using hot water at the same time.
  • How many adults and children in the home
  • Are there any dishwashers or washing machines connected to hot water outlets, which may use hot water at the same time?
  • Are a large bathtub or spa-bath being used regularly?
  • Is there enough space available to install a water heater?
  • What available energy are supplied in the house and area – gas or electricity

When it comes to choosing the best suitable appliance for your location it is a great idea to make sure you have a fully qualified plumber that is able to guarantee the hot water system is the correct decisions for your requirements. With Metropolitan Plumbing all of our plumbers are fully qualified with over 5 years of experience in the field and take pride with their workman ship and effect of every job they do and have the great mind set to make sure they do not leave the  customers address until the customer is completely satisfied with the job. One of the best advantages with Metropolitan Plumbing is that we do offer interest free payment plans as we always strive to provide the absolute best services as possible.

To ensure your unit provides you long lasting hot water it is best to have the unit serviced accordingly to the manufacturer’s instructions. Providing a great customer service Metropolitan plumbing  also offers a scheduled servicing to assists with the preventative maintenance and make sure your unit last as long as possible.


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