Wilson Hot Water

Wilson are a household name when it comes to hot water in both a domestic and a commercial application. One of the most significant factors for many of our customers when it comes to hot water is reliability. Wilson are proudly Australian owned and operated, meaning you can trust that all of their products are manufactured in accordance with Australian laws and legislation. Wilson hot water systems are also manufactured from the highest quality materials, comprising copper or stainless steel, with units encased in either a colour-bond or a stainless steel finish. 


Hot Water System range

Wilson offer a range of quality hot water systems. This includes pressure vessels and open vented/gravity feed style units that operate using electric, gas or solar as their mode of energy input. One of the most innovative designs manufactured by Wilson is their ThermaCoil stainless steel tank. It uses a coil installed on the side of the tank to load the system with energy. This makes it one of the most efficient heat exchange style systems available. Wilson hot water also offer an extensive range of gas and electric boosted solar systems. These can be custom built, and as such can range in size from between 160-5000 litres.

The Wilson electric storage range, also known as the “Qudos” range is also extensive, with units ranging in size from 160-600 litres. Furthermore, Wilson also offer boiler style units suited to office or factory settings. These are good for situations where instant hot water for purposes such as preparing cups of tea or coffee is required. These small units ranging between 2.5 and 10 litres are known as the “Electronic Cuppa” range.

The next big thing in hot water is instantaneous hot water systems. These can deliver a virtually endless supply of hot water created on demand as you require it. Wilson’s Super X Electric Hot Water Heater has been popular amongst many of our customers around Australia, due to its efficiency and ability to be installed in areas where space is limited. The Super X Electric Hot Water Heater is incredibly versatile. It delivers enough hot water to sustain factory amenities, small homes, shops, portable units or apartments. 

Dairy Hot Water Heaters

One of the most interesting elements of the Wilson range is their selection of rapid flow dairy hot water heaters. These heaters are specially designed to facilitate the cleaning of milking cups between milkings to assist farmers in limiting spread of diseases such as mastitis between cows. These systems are large in size, ranging from between 315 litres, right up to 2000 litres and have a high flow rate of approximately 180 litres per minute. To ensure maximum levels of hygiene are achieved in the dairy shed, these Wilson rapid flow dairy hot water heaters deliver water at temperatures between 95 and 96 degrees Celsius.

With fluctuating milk prices, it is always important for farmers to be tight-fisted when it comes to energy costs. For this reason, this hot water unit is intended to utilize off peak electricity rates to heat the majority of water. However, a booster element is also incorporated to ensure hot water is available at all times. Furthermore, the polyurethane insulation fitted to this unit allows a significant increase in retention of heat and as such, reduces energy requirements. If you are in the market for a new Wilson hot water system for your dairy, or require assistance with your current Wilson unit, contact Metropolitan Plumbing today on 1300 367 333. Our call center operates 24/7 and as such, you can even give us a buzz before the morning milking!

Hot Water System for Marine use

Wilson’s unique and diverse hot water system range is not just limited to domestic and dairy applications. Wilson also produce a range of hot water systems suited for marine applications. Due to the potentially hazardous nature of sea travel, these marine units can also be equipped with additional products such as explosion proof exhaust fans or thermostatically controlled heating elements. The Wilson marine range are built to last, with a design life of between 20-30 years and a maximum design pressure of 690kPa. Furthermore, these systems are designed to operate at 70 degrees Celsius.


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